You probably know how strongly we feel about a well-decorated bedroom — it’s hard to sleep when you know your room’s an eye-sore. Well, friends, dorm rooms are no different. Just because you’re living in a tiny space for a few months, doesn’t mean you can’t express your style from floor to ceiling. To help you and your new roomie out, we’re sharing the very best ways to trick out your temporary digs. From savvy storage solutions to cute-as-can-be wall art, here are 17 amazing ways to decorate your dorm.

1. Pillows That Pop: The easiest and fastest way to customize a dorm room futon or bed: Pillows galore! (via Brit + Co)

2. Foot Patrol: Give you stems a stylish place to rest when you’re lounging in your dorm room. Bonus: These cozy foot stools double as seats for when you have company over. (via HGTV)

3. Simple Solution: Store you stuff and add some flair at the very same time. Fill up blank frames with your statement pieces, then just grab and go when you need ’em. (via Brit + Co)

4. Heavenly Headboard: Give your bed a beautiful facelift with a bright, bold — and in this case, blue — headboard. (via Little Bit Funky)

5. Storage Surplus: How could anyone need more storage in this room? Savvy, stylish and custom-made boxes fill up otherwise unused space under these two dorm room beds. (via Terri Puma Design)

6. Pile on the Pillows: Even though dorm rooms usually only feature twin beds, that’s no excuse to skimp on pillows. It’ll give the illusion of a bigger bunk, plus you’ll feel like you’re laying on a cloud. Who can say no to that? (via Evtiel + Abardis)

7. Double Duty: It’s no secret that dorm rooms lack in space. So why not make your storage super functional? This guy has wheels so it can go just about anywhere. Use it as a table, a seat, you name it! We love its rustic chic style, too. (via A Beautiful Mess)

8. Map Out Your Style: Who says you can’t have a statement wall in your small quarters? This map is not only eye-catching, but it’s also super inspiring. Dream big! (via Meredith MCG)

9. Frame Fun: Spruce up wall art with fantastically fun tape frames! Washi tape is the best dorm room decoration you can find because it’s easy to use (and removable) and comes in a variety of colors and prints. You can pick up some of our faves right here in the B+C Shop. (via Pretty Little Lady Designs)

10. Braided Bag: Forget the mass-produced laundry bags that stifle any and all personality — here’s a DIY for a custom-made, personality-filled and super useful laundry tote you can be proud of. (via Blogging Corner Blog)

11. Bright Idea: Light up your room and add a touch of personality at the same time with a large, lit-up initial. This easy DIY tutorial will show ya how. (via Grey Likes Nesting)

12. Dresser Revamp ($149): This totally killer chest of drawers (from IKEA!) is inspiring a DIY moment for your new pad. If your dresser isn’t provided for you, pick up a wooden piece like this one and go at it with spray paint, Sharpies or washi tape. If you’re on a budget, peruse eBay, Craigslist or garage sales for a steal-of-a-deal furniture piece to use as your blank canvas. (via IKEA)

13. Temporary Wall Art: Nothing’s worse than fully decorating a room, just to move out a few months later. That’s why we love this confetti wall so much! It’s easy to put up, take down and bring with you to your next room. (via Wee Birdy)

14. Gorgeous Geometric: These anything-but-basic boxes are just what you need to take your dorm from drab to fab… and they add lots of storage, too. (via Homes)

15. Plants, Please: These sweet succulents will keep you from feeling boxed into your dorm room and add just a touch of the outside world to an otherwise templated space. (via HGTV)

16. Bulletin Basics: We don’t need to tell you (again) how limited space is in a dorm room. Which is why doubling up on functionality is crucial. This bulletin board serves as a headboard and a place to stash notes, jewelry and special mementos. (via HGTV)

17. Shoe Storage: You’ll never go back to dumping your stilettos in your closet after you see this storage idea. If you’re able to nail things to the wall, hang up moldings to show off those pumps. It’s functional and it’s pretty. (via Lowes)

What’s your favorite feature in your bedroom? Let us know your dorm decorating tips in the comments!