The days of all-thin, all-white, all-perfect damsel-in-distress princesses are slowly coming to an end, and it’s about time. Turns out that anatomically speaking, aspiring to look like a Barbie or even a Disney princess will leave you with smashed insides, so it’s a good thing is starting a campaign to change that.

Using the hashtag #RealPrincess, the organization is looking to catch the attention of Disney by asking people to submit images and descriptions of strong women who they want to see as leading ladies. There have been some great contributions already. According to DoSomething, “from 2007 to 2012, only 30.8% of the speaking characters in the top 500 movies were women.” Considering that women all over the world do indeed speak, and not only that, but are startlingly brilliant, this statistic is jaw-dropping.

They’re starting with Disney princesses because “portraying Disney princesses as self sufficient and complex can lead to other similar representations of women in media.” Also, young women who grow up with role models who are known for more than getting saved by a prince may be inspired to change the world.

Princess Tiana, Princess Merida and Queen Elsa were steps in the right direction. If you want to tell Disney what you or your kids look for in a strong leading lady, you can download a template from and share it all over the web with the hashtag #RealPrincess. Be sure to log in and submit your drawing to the campaign site for a chance to win a $4,000 scholarship.

Our #RealPrincess would be a tech CEO who makes all of her own food, which she grows from her garden, and DIYs anything and everything. Create your own and share it with us!

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