If you’re one of the millions of girls who grew up with the Disney princesses defining your early style decisions, you know one thing for certain: the folks over at Disney gave us some seriously unrealistic expectations when it came to hair. Cinderella cleaned all day while her locks remained perfectly in place, Belle was trapped in a castle but somehow retained just the right amount of bounce — and don’t even get us started on Ariel’s dry ‘do. We’ve seen a lot of realistic makeovers given to our favorite fictional ladies recently, but illustrator Loryn Brantz has put her own spin on things by depicting each princess with what her hair would *actually* look like.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.54.54 PM

Among the more fortunate are Queen Elsa, who really just needs a root touch up, and Jasmine, who just loses a little bit of volume. Belle’s windswept hair gets all kinds of stuck on her glossy lips and Ariel… well, let’s just say Ariel should really get to land and find a blow dryer ASAP.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 4.32.01 PM

To take a peek at all eight princesses featured, head over to Buzzfeed where you can see them all in their bedhead glory.

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(Images via Loryn Brantz and Buzzfeed)