It is amazing what a set of new drawer pulls can do to a dresser or set of cabinets. Besides acting as awesome eye-candy, it might be the quickest and cheapest way to amp up your preexisting goods, DIY-style. Dress them up in style with one of these 20 different drawerpulls, knobs and handles that you can buy and DIY.

1. Square Cut Glass Knob ($6): Add glam to your dresser with gem-inspired drawer pulls. This amber color really won us over, though this knob comes in a variety of posh jewel tones.

2. Handcarved Gardenia Knob ($10): Yup, we are totally obsessed with the color of this floral knob! But what really caught our eye was the detailed carving. This piece would look great on a set off black drawers.

3. Castle Green Knob ($14): This vintage inspired door knocker knob is absolutely breathtaking. We love the detail, color and texture of this piece.

4. Glass Confetti Knob ($6): Party in a pull? Count us in! This confetti patterned knob will draw the perfect amount of attention to any piece of furniture.

5. Antler Melody Knob ($14): Look at that hardware! This knob is très chic with its oblong shape and wrapped center.

6. Carved Turquoise Knob ($6): This knob’s turquoise accent top and carved wood sides definitely drew us in. This piece would look fresh paired with a set of white drawers.

7. Lego Knob ($5): What could be better than our favorite toy crafted into a drawer pull? Probably nothing :) This knob would look great in a kids room or techy office space (like Brit HQ!).

8. Molten Spectrum Knob ($8): This drawer pull is for all you lava lamp lovers out there (’cause that’s still a thing, right?). Except this is a much classier way to rock that lava look.

9. Rope Pull: A long knotted rope = the ultimate DIY drawer hack. This pull is super easy to make and gives your furniture a rustic vibe. (via Design Sponge)

10. Paintbrush Handles: What a great use for extra (dirty) paintbrushes! This is a fun way to show everyone your crafty side. (via Roadkill Rescue)

11. Jewel Knob ($6): Check out the cut out detailing on this charming knob. It comes in many different colors, but we are all about the pink jewel tone and gilded trim.

12. Geode Knobs: Customize your own set of dresser pulls with geodes! Have extra stones left over? Turn ’em into wine stoppers! (via Viva Full House)

13. Dotted Zinnia Knob ($8): We can always count on polka dots to add a touch of whimsy to any piece.

14. Faceted Ory Knob ($10): Faceted? Geode? Of course this would make the roundup! Totally gushing!

15. Gold Flecked Blossom Knob ($16): This knob is an Anthro exclusive made by Ya Wen Chou. We can’t help but gaze into the beautiful gold leaf accents.

16. Concrete Lightbulb Pulls: Here at Brit + Co., we’ve been doing tons of experimenting with cement, so these drawer pulls (drawer bulbs?) naturally caught our attention. What a fun way to put that cold heavy material to everyday use! (via Apent Hus)

17. Ruler Pulls: If the thought of carrying a heavy bucket of cement home from the store was too intimidating, try creating drawer pulls out of rulers. Besides being a lot lighter (duh!) their length sure comes in handy for this particular use! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

18. Braided Coronet Knob: This braided wire reminds us of a lion’s mane and makes us realize that it is definitely the king of all knobs out there. We dare you to disagree.

19. Beaded Drawer Pull: Fun colored beads are a great (and inexpensive) way to dress up a set of drawers. Play with the size and shape of the beads to create completely custom drawer pulls. (via Dotty Love)

20. Pom Pom Pulls: We’re not going to lie, we are obsessed with pom poms! Dress up your dresser with these fun, fluffy pulls. You can even get them to match your new pom pom rug/wall hang/table cover. (via Qaaks)

When it comes to drawer pulls, would you buy or DIY? Where do you search for colorful and creative knobs, hooks, and the like? Tell us in the comments below!