Today we’ve decided to spice up some wine corks with rocks and glitter. Use them to style your dinner party, brighten up your kitchen or give one away as a gift along side your favorite bottle. We don’t see any reason why your wine bottles shouldn’t always look fabulous. And these babies are quick and easy.

 – rocks

– glitter

– modge podge

– foam brush

– wine corks

– small bowls

 – hot glue gun

If you can’t find rocks in the wild, most craft stores or plant stores have what you need.

First things first, grab a bowl and add some glitter. Oh how we love glitter.

Then paint a thin layer of modge podge onto one of your rocks. The foam brush works great to get into all of those tiny crevices. Once the rock is fully coated, place it in the bowl and pour additional glitter on top rotating the rock until it is completely glammed out.

Let it dry and then paint a second coat of modge podge on top to seal the glitter. Otherwise it will come right off.

Alternatively, you can mix modge podge with glitter and paint that directly onto the rock. Even though it looks milky, the glue will dry clear and you’ll still get the same dazzling effect.

After your second coat dries, hot glue your new gem on top of a wine cork. Pop your finished product into a bottle of wine and you’re done!

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What other ways might you jazz up happy hour? Talk to us in the comments below.