The classic denim or chambray shirt is a year-round staple. But what happens when you find yourself with one too many faded button-downs? Tie dye happens! We busted out the supplies from last month’s Ombre ScarvesBrit Kit and got to work on three tired chambray shirts using stencils, rubber bands, and brushes.

 – denim or chambray shirts

Tumble Dye
Dye-Na-Flow (we love the Exciter Pack which comes with 9 beautiful colors)

– foam brushes

– rubber bands

– stencils

– drop cloth

– painter’s tape

For supplies, used a whole bunch of different dyes and tools.

As for shirts, we had a mix of denim and chambray, all looking a little worse for the wear.

1. Tied Up in Tie Dye

For the first one, we went for a take on tie dye. Rubber band a few pieces of your shirt, like you would tie dye a t-shirt. Fill a bowl with water and drop a few colors of Dye-Na-Flow in it until you have a good color. Dip dye the shirt where you’ve rubber banded it.

Take off rubber bands and let dry.

To fancy it up, pair with a high waisted black skirt.

2. Hot Pink Stencil Style

For this one, we used a stencil we found at our local craft store. Tape it onto your shirt with painter’s tape and use ziploc bags to protect the rest of the shirt while you spray. Spray the Tumble Dye and let dry for 5 minutes or so. Remove the stencil, rinse off, and then tape down again above where you painted the first one. Do this one more time, and you’re done.

As you can see, we created one hot pink panel.

This would definitely be a killer look for Coachella.

3. Stripes in the Grass

Remember the game Snakes in the Grass? For some reason, this shirt makes us think of that. Pour a few drops of Dye-Na-Flow onto a paper plate or work surface. Dip your brush in it and make stripes. Add a little bit of water for your last coat to create a more blended look.

So. Many. Stripes!

We can’t decide which of these shirts we like the best! Good thing we made all three ;)

Which of these shirts is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!