Guys, Easter is only a few days away! If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional Easter basket, you’re in the right place. Today we’re making an awesome spring-inspired tote bag which works great as a receptacle for chocolate bunnies, Peeps and eggs. The best part: It’s also an adorable, versatile bag you can use after the holiday.


– two types of fabric (one for the exterior, one for the liner)

– HeatBond

– faux leather


– sewing machine

– fabric scissors

– pins

– measuring tape


1. Fold your fabric in half — the folded edge will be the bottom of the tote bag.

2. Measure and cut your fabric (we made ours 16 x 13 inches).

3. Place your fabric on top of the liner and cut out a second rectangle with the same dimensions.

4. Cut out a piece of faux leather that will cover the bottom section of the tote bag (ours is 8 x 13 inches), and then cut a piece of HeatBond that is the same size.

5. Iron the HeatBond onto the faux leather, peel off the paper, and then iron your fabric onto the other side.

6. Place the liner on the bag, then fold over the top twice (each fold is about a half inch) and hem.

7. Fold the bag inside out so that the liner is facing out and sew along the edges. Then flip the bag inside out.

8. For the strap, cut a piece of fabric 21 x 3 inches and fold it in half lengthwise with the back of the fabric facing out.

8. Stitch the length of the strap, turn it inside out and then iron it flat.

9. Pin the strap to the inside of the bag and then sew a square to secure it. Repeat this on the other side.

How pretty is this fabric? We decided to go with a floral print to welcome spring. Fold your fabric in half with the right side out. The folded edge will serve as the bottom of your bag. Measure along the sides and cut out a rectangle a little bit larger than you want your bag to be. We made ours 16 x 13 inches which is perfect for carrying a small laptop. Cut a second piece of fabric for your liner. It should be the same dimensions as your first piece. You can measure the liner but we found it easier to lay our first piece on top of the second and cut around the edges.

Next you’ll need a piece of faux leather. This will cover the bottom portion of your bag. Cut the faux leather (ours is 8 x 13 inches) and then cut out a piece of HeatBond with the same dimensions. Iron the HeatBond to the back side of the faux leather. Then peel off the paper side of the HeatBond and place your fabric on top of the faux leather with the HeatBond. Make sure you have the front side facing the HeatBond. Also, the faux leather needs to be sitting in the right place on the fabric. It should wrap around the bottom and be equal in length on both sides of the bag. Ours comes up four inches on each side. Place the piece of paper you peeled off of the HeatBond on top of your fabric to protect it. Iron the fabric until it is bonded to the faux leather.

Now place your liner on the back side of the fabric and then make two half-inch folds at each end and iron in place to make it easier to sew. Hem both sides. Okay, now fold the bag in half with the liner facing out. Stitch along the sides of the bag and then flip it inside out. Congratulations, you’ve completed the main structure of your bag! All you need to add is the strap.

Cut a long piece of fabric for the strap. We made ours 21 x 3 inches. Fold it in half lengthwise with the back side of the fabric facing out. You can iron it to make it easier to sew. Stitch along the strap and then flip it inside out. This part is a little bit tricky, so be patient. Once your strap is right side out, iron it flat.

To sew the strap to the bag we recommend pinning it in place. Then stitch a square to secure it to the bag. Sew both sides and then you’re done!

This bag is so adorable! Stuff it with some fake grass and your favorite Easter basket treats or simply use it as the darling tote it is. This would also be a great Mother’s Day gift.

What other Easter basket alternatives have you used? Or any other spring totes? Tell us about them!