Catwoman will forever be one of the best Halloween costumes out there. This year we decided to bring you five new takes on this classic badass costume. From lazy girl to #girlboss, we have the perfect Catwoman costume to fit your mood. A huge thanks to the newest member of the creative team, Mariaclara, for rockin’ all of these Catwoman costumes and Miss Misty for hair and makeup.

Catwoman Halloween Costumes

Easy Catwoman Costume

Ladies, this is the sexiest, easiest Catwoman costume to date.

Easy Catwoman Halloween Costume_017

Lazy gals — this one’s for you! To achieve this look, all you’ll need is a black top, black jeans, black boots and a couple amazon prime accessories. We bought a pleather cat head piece and a costume whip to complete this fierce Catwoman costume. This costume only cost $14. Lazy girl on a budget FTW!

Easy Catwoman Halloween Costume_028

Okay, we are OBSESSED with Mariaclara’s curls! Another thing we are obsessed with are her jeans, which she DIYed herself! Check out her process and other quick denim updates here.

Easy Catwoman Halloween Costume_019

For this look, we kept the makeup super simple and used the cat-eye kit to achieve a simple winged eye. Feel free to keep the lips super light or go the drama route with a dark hue.

Glam Catwoman Costume

Grab your sparkliest dress for this Catwoman costume.

Glam Catwoman Halloween Costume_121

Catwoman is one of the fiercest female villains. For this look we went the super glam route. We picked up this sparkly black sequined dress from the thrift store for $10. Pair it with a set of black heels, long shiny black gloves and cat-eyed glasses.

Glam Catwoman Halloween Costume_131

This Catwoman may be all about the glam, but I still wouldn’t mess with her.

Glam Catwoman Halloween Costume_145

Let’s talk about hair and makeup! Create two small little buns at the top of your head to represent cat ears. Wrap most of your hair around the base of the bun to give the bun a pyramid effect. For the makeup, use liquid liner to draw a cat nose, whiskers and a black top lip.

Classic Catwoman Costume

“I won’t touch you, I’ll scratch you.” — Catwoman

Classic Catwoman Halloween Costume_090

Yes, yes, and more yes! To score this look, purchase a long-sleeve pleather zip-up suit. Put on your best pair of bad girl boots and rock your fierceness all night long.

Classic Catwoman Halloween Costume_092

Bad-girl Catwoman accessories are a must. We bought a costume whip, mask and superhero belt from a thrift store to complete this look. Feel free to mix and match to get the Catwoman statement you want to achieve.

Classic Catwoman Halloween Costume_100

Since this look has a mask, makeup was super easy. All you need is a dark red lip that packs a punch.

Office-Appropriate Catwoman Costume


Office-Appropriate Catwoman Halloween Costume_165

To achieve this #girlboss office-appropriate Catwoman look, start with a black dress as your base. Our dress had a black peplum top attached, but feel free to mix your own black leather or non-leather items to make an outfit suitable for your office.

Office-Appropriate Catwoman Halloween Costume_158

Pair with black heels and a few Catwoman accessories. We picked up these night goggles and belt from the thrift shop. Try making your own belt using black leather and felt.

Office-Appropriate Catwoman Halloween Costume_169

This makeup look is just like the one above but has a darker eye. Use a fluffy brush and a charcoal or black eyeshadow to blend a smokey effect from the lash line up to where your eye creases. In your crease, add a matte warm brown shadow for a softer line. On your brow bone, add a pop of shimmer in a cream or white shimmering shadow.

Funny Catwoman Costume

For the gal who just loves cats.

Funny Catwoman Halloween Costume_042

Now this costume is for the literal cat-loving woman. When you love cats this much, then this shirt must be in your wardrobe. Pair with your DIY denim, a flannel shirt and cat baseball hat.

Funny Catwoman Halloween Costume_040

You’ll never guess who inspired the cat baseball hat — Beyoncé! (Hehe, you might have been able to guess.) We created our own by hot gluing some black foam ears to the top of a plain black baseball hat. We dare you to take it to the next level and bedazzle the whole thing just like Queen Bey :)

Funny Catwoman Halloween Costume_054


Which Catwoman costume best suits you? Share your comments and thoughts with us below!

DIY Production and Styling: Kelly Bryden

Modeling: Mariaclara Golfo

Beauty: Misty Spinney

Photography: Chris Andre