You know what we love? Anything that is a two-in-one. Things that do more than one thing at once are basically the best, and if they happen to look good doing it, well that’s even better. Today’s fetching find is a curtain and vertical garden in one — meet ECORTINA, the living lattice.

Designed by Spanish architect and professor Xavier Vilalta, this eco-friendly design transforms a curtain into a system of hanging pockets where you can grow flowers, herbs, or keep odds and ends.

If you don’t have a window you want to display this beautiful lattice in, go for the stand-alone and use it as a room divider!

According to the designer, this piece was born after months of research to find a resistant material that could be folded like origami but also withstand the needs of living plants. It’s made by joining two sheets of Tyvek fabric with an ultrasonic welding process which also creates a translucent glow when the curtain is backlit. So cool!

We love the idea of using these as space dividers in a home or office, and it would make the perfect kitchen window curtain, filled with herbs.

Mostly, we just love looking at how these curtains add life instantly to any space.

Would you hang one of these in your home? Or use one as a stand-alone piece in your space? Talk to us in the comments below.