No matter how many think pieces we write or nipples we free sexism is still a huge problem. From women making less than men (hi, Amanda Seyfried) to little girls not being able to join science clubs we have a long way to go before we reach gender equity… if we ever do. Sometimes though, challenges like sexism can lead women to do great things.

Like the guy who turned Cait Jenner’s hate tweets into art, Elizabeth Banks took something crappy and made something beautiful. In an interview with Deadline, Elizabeth said that the sexism she faced in the film world drove her to want to direct. She first took the reins on a feature film when she directed (and acted) in Pitch Perfect 2, which turned out to be a giant aca-blockbuster.

She also says she’s interested in expanding the kind of roles women in her peer group get to play. According to her, there’s an epidemic of not enough nuanced lead roles for women in their 30’s and 40’s. And we would have to agree. “Look at Gwyneth Paltrow who has her Oscar and played fifth banana to Iron Man,” she says. “That to me is a great example of the fate of women in Hollywood.”

Elizabeth says she’s “hard at work developing Pitch Perfect 3,” which will hopefully be another win for her as a director. She teaches us the ultimate girl boss lesson here: if you don’t like what people are giving you, make something for yourself!

Whether you’re heading back to school or not, slay it out there today, Queens!

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(h/t Deadline, photos via Frazer Harrison and Kevin Winter/Getty)