Last week, we (like the rest of the emoji-obsessed) world swooned over a brand new set of 22 emoji, created by Julia Heffernan for GroupMe. From tacos to unicorns to a smiley face wearing a speedo, this set of visual brilliance fulfills some serious communication needs in the emoticon department.

But, what鈥檚 behind all these genius emoji? Especially the taco!? I sat down with emoji-maker Julia over a cross-country GroupMe chat (obvs!) to get the scoop on her creative process. And spoiler alert: You are definitely going to start using GroupMe more, if only to use the taco and unicorn emoji ;)

We kicked things off with the tastiest new emoji of all. We can relate to taco love 鈥 tacos are definitely our office鈥檚 favorite food group. And anytime we get them for lunch, serious high-school-cafeteria-style lines ensue.

That鈥檚 right. The Make It Rain emoji was a USER request! What are these GroupMe users texting about?!

The Selfie and Rock On emoji are pretty self-explanatory. But Face with Speedo and Thong Butt? More info needed.

True that, Julia 鈥 no one wants to use a peach for a butt emoji EVER AGAIN.

And finally, hard hitting questions regarding cheese, dinosaurs and the Deal With It dog.

Though we don鈥檛 all use GroupMe on a daily basis around these parts, we do still use the app for coordinating with friends for dinners, weekend plans, weddings, bachelorette parties and the like. It鈥檚 great for coordinating with more than 10 people, especially for a crew with a lot of different devices. Naturally, this set of emoji has us re-downloading the GroupMe app like鈥 NOW! ;) Be sure to follow @juliaheffernan on Twitter for clever illustrations, photos of her bunny and, yes, more emoji.

What do you think of these new emoji? Wish you could get them in iMessage? Talk to us in the comments below.