Forget mood rings. Who can remember whether black means angry, mysterious, sad or scared? Let’s get literal with our emotional jewelry in a totally 21st century kind of way with emoji jewelry. The beloved icons have been popping up on everything from Halloween costumes to cookies, so what’s stopping us from also sporting them as trendy accessories? Snatch up one of these 10 pieces of emoji-themed jewelry for a look that’ll make everyone jealous (insert sly emoji here).

1. Charmed Emoji Glass Dome Bracelet (Price Upon Request): We haven’t rocked a charm bracelet in a while, but if anything is going to get us back into the trend it’ll be this amazing piece. We’re a little sad to report that the owner behind this Etsy shop is currently taking a break, but you can bet we’ll be ready to buy the second she returns.

2. Emoji Monkey Necklace ($7): A friendship necklace for millennials. Split these up between your besties or save them all for yourself and switch them up depending on your mood.

3. Emoji Necklace Collection ($136): Our awesome contributing editor Annie D’Souza spotted these 14k gold necklaces by Jane Basch. While the price is certainly on the steeper side, we’re guessing a happy, heart-eyed face constantly hanging around your neck is going to always brighten your mood, right?! If you ask us, that’s a worthwhile investment.

4. Burger Stud Earrings ($18): Hamburgers. Earrings. Emoji. It’s all our favorite things in one and we’re slightly freaking out about it.

5. Pow Ring ($1,525): If you have a small fortune to spend on emoji jewelry, we’ve found just the thing. Sport this with those incredibly expensive emoji loafers for the ultimate luxury-emoji look (yeah, we just made luxury-emoji a thing).

6. Emoji Face Necklace ($58): They don’t look exactly like the faces we communicate with everyday, but they’re still pretty cute. Rock one of these around your neck and give folks a peek into your current emotional state.

7. Emoticharms ($25): Head over to Bauble Bar to snag an emoji necklace that’s also totally customizable. First pick out the symbol you want, then pick which color you’d like it in. From the love-struck kitty to the emoji doing a happy cry, all the favorites are yours for the picking.

8. Emoticon Earrings ($22): Make sure you rock a killer up-do to show off these studs. Nothing will boost a mood like two silly faces attached to your ears all day long.

9. Emoji Love Stuck Necklace ($12): If you’re all about these funny faces, go bold with this statement piece. With a thick chain and a giant pendant, this one will be hard to miss.

10. Alison Lou Ok! Necklace ($475): Okay so apparently, being an emoji addict is not cheap. This is a pretty hefty price tag for such a simple piece, but it is 14k yellow gold… and totally adorable.

Are any of these emoji jewelry pieces going on your Christmas list? Tell us what you think in the comments below.