Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, and are as varied as the people who get them. There are magical tattoos (calling Harry Potter fans!), glow-in-the-dark tattoos, foodie snack tattoos and even gold tattoos that control our phones (for real). But if you鈥檝e noticed a friend or two with some new ink that happens to be a crown, there may be a very specific reason behind it 鈥 a very awesome, totally empowering reason, in fact.

Constance Hall is a blogger with an absolutely awesome empowering point of view that plenty of people would benefit from following on Instagram. Known for her 鈥渓ike a queen鈥 message, Constance reminds women just how amazing, incredible and queen-like they are. That prompted one of her admirers to take the message to heart 鈥 or rather, to her skin. 鈥淥ne of our Queens got this tattoo to remind herself that she is a f*cking Queen even though she鈥檚 struggling to conceive at the moment and on all sorts of hormone drugs. Still a Queen. Always a Queen. I wish her a world of luck and am inspired and thinking that maybe we all need crown tats?鈥 Yes, queen!

This is seriously happening 馃槼馃挊馃憫

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This beautiful and permanent reminder of empowerment has sparked others to get similar (though totally personalized) versions of the tattoo.

And not just a few women鈥

Our crown tattoo game is strong 馃憡馃徏馃憫 Nobody fucks with Queens

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Some have opted to pop their crown on their middle finger for an extra 鈥渆ff you鈥 to their haters and their struggles, while others are placing their tat wherever it suits them. Simple crowns, intricate crowns, pure black crowns, colorful crowns 鈥 they鈥檙e as gorgeously varied as the queens themselves.

If you want to keep that queenly vibe going and pass it along to other awesome ladies, you can grab a copy of Constance鈥檚 new Like a Queen book, which is all about female empowerment, relationships, body image and parenting, and also has a very special gift inside.

鈥淥k secret is out!!! My secret present inside my book is a crown sticker for the car so we can salute fellow rad as fuck Queenie Bees when we drive past them!!!! I was so stoked when Sydney street artist @nico_nicoson agreed to design this master piece for the us- Newtown folks will recognise his works. Amazing. Don鈥檛 forget to beeeeeeeep!!鈥 Again, yes, queen!

Would you get a crown tattoo to remind yourself (and others) of your queenliness? Do you have a tattoo that has a similar meaning? Tweet us @BritandCo!

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