In a world where our loyalties have been torn between Tay and Kimye, let鈥檚 all agree on one thing: Miley鈥檚 recent love-fueled Vegemite tattoo is adorable AF. Who can resist this not-so-subtle declaration of Aussie-love (for one Aussie in particular)? While our hearts have been set aflutter, once again, by those are they or aren鈥檛 they a couple vibes, we鈥檙e also left with the burning desire to snag a food-obsessed tattoo for ourselves. That鈥檚 why we鈥檝e scoured Instagram to find you the tats that kick Miley鈥檚 Vegemite ink to the curb (sorry girl!). From food-inspired bestie tats to romantic snack inks 鈥 and ones that simply rep your greatest love of all: FOOD 鈥 scroll on and discover some clever tats that look good enough to eat!

Emoticon tattoo :-)

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1. Pizza + Wine: Two great loves come together in this crazy adorable wine and pizza tattoo. Grab inspiration from your favorite emoji to rock a tat that shows off your diehard obsessions.

2. Pretzel: You鈥檙e a sports game foodie at heart. Snag the *perf* ballgame snack tat and rep your sporty foods passion 24/7 with this soft pretzel ink.

3. Avocados: You and your bestie are two halves of a whole. For your BFF tattoo, ditch the standard half heart and opt for a split avocado as the ultimate declaration of squad love. Just remember that only one gal gets the pit.

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4. Strawberry Donut: Now this is a tattoo Homer Simpson would approve of. Get ink that will have all your pals drooling with this decadent strawberry donut. Don鈥檛 forget the sprinkles!

5. Taco: Make every day Taco Tuesday with this deconstructed taco tat. But beware, 鈥檆ause this yummy ink might amplify your already high cravings.

6. Hot Sauce: It鈥檚 time to turn up the heat. Show off your natural spice with an assortment of sauces that are sure to bring the flavor.

7. French Fries: Fries over guys is real, people! Give your boo a reminder that, for you, salty snacks will always be #1.

8. Apple: Healthy snacks need love too! Flaunt your healthy eating status with a shiny apple tattoo.

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9. Waffle: You knew it was love the moment you realized you were both food *obsessed*. Get tattoos of mouth-watering waffles as a symbol of your die-hard infatuation with food 鈥 oh, and each other ;)

10. Cheeseburger: Burger connoisseurs, take note! Because this is a SERIOUS way to display your juicy burger love. Rock a cheeseburger tat to show your pals that, in your eyes, it鈥檚 always burger time.

11. Sushi: Two cultures unite in this delicious sushi tat. Rep both traditional Japanese sushi and a California roll to show that, whatever the twist on this fishy food is, you鈥檙e always down for a scrumptious bite.

12. Peanut Butter + Jelly: You go together like peanut butter and jelly, so why not get some bestie ink that shows your extreme compatibility? It鈥檒l further prove the point that you just belong together.

13. Slurpee: Incase you haven鈥檛 heard, this is 7-Eleven鈥檚 50th-year anniversary. Get ink that honors your major Slurpee addiction with a tattoo of this thirst-quenching treat.

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