When thinking of a name for your little one there are plenty of outlets to turn to in order to find the most creative baby name for your newborn. You could totally make it easy and check out the top names of years past or dive deep into the baby name archive for your kid’s lifelong title. Personally, we recommend getting a quick history lesson in naming trends before picking a permanent name for your mini me. Hopefully you took some notes from the evolution of girl names because now it’s the boys’ turn.

evolution us boy names

From Abacaba — the company that makes videos about data and math — comes “The Evolution of US Boy Names: Bubbled”. Not only does this infographic video highlight the changing trends and leading names from 1880 until today for little guys but it also acts as a quick US history lesson for those of us that fell asleep during lectures in high school. Click play below for the journey of names like the once uber-popular John and William to modern leading names Noah, Liam and Mason.

Now where’s the evolution of the unisex names?!

Which baby name evolution was more fascinating, the boys or girl? Share your thoughts in the comments.