We all love a good Sunday filled with binge watching our favorite shows. And with some stellar TV shows to stream right now on Netflix and Hulu, hours in front of the screen can just fly by. Which means sometimes, whether we want it to or not, fitting in a tough love workout can take a back seat to watching the next episode… and the next… and the next… But fear not, because our friends at Reebok pulled together some of their top notch trainers and created three killer workouts to three of our all-time favorite shows. Time to start these exercise games, fitness babes.

Workout Inspired by FRIENDS


Honestly, does life get much better than a day full of Friends? Now that our favorite six besties are available 24/7 on Netflix, we might as well torch a few calories while we’re wishing we were sipping coffee at Central Perk. Scroll on for easy workouts you can do while watching.

1. Every mention or appearance of Janice: Complete five bench walks.

2. Every shot of “Pat the Dog” (Joey’s white ceramic dog): Complete five plank punches per arm.

3. For any generic, obvious shot of New York City: Complete five half burpees with plank jacks.

4. Every time Joey says, “How you doin’?”: Complete five inchworms with push ups.

5. Every time Chandler uses his classic emphasis on “Be… ”: Complete five lunges with torso twist per side.

6. Any mention/appearance of Ben or Emma: Complete five push ups with single knee tucks per side.

7. Any jokes or knocks about paleontology: Complete 10 crab toe touches.

8. Any time Phoebe is playing music or singing: Complete five alternating single-arm burpees on each arm.

9. Any appearance of Gunther: Complete five Bulgarian squats on each leg.

10. For every hug exchanged between any of the friends: Complete eight bench or chair thruster reps on each side.

11. For scenes in Central Perk, count the number of present friends: Complete two kneel-to-squat moves for each friend.

Workouts Inspired by The Mindy Project

FOX's "The Mindy Project" - Season Three

Finally, finally our girl Mindy is back in our weekly TV lineup, with new episodes coming at us on Hulu. Turn out the moves below while you ogle at adorable Leo and gush about how much we all want to work at Later Baby.

1. Whenever Mindy’s text conversations appear on the screen: Complete five burpee tuck jumps.

2. For any mention of Danny’s mother Annette Castellano: Complete 10 jazz hands pop-ups.

3. Every time Mindy changes outfits during an episode: Complete three fancy plank ups on each side.

4. Whenever Mindy says “ex-squeeze me…”: Complete five pushups to slides, with a towel on each arm.

5. Any time Tamra makes a sassy remark: Complete one wall walk.

Workouts Inspired by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Hashbrown fit life! With season two now officially available on Netflix, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that our favorite clueless New Yorker is back on our TV and in our hearts. Here’s hoping for more hilarious love triangles and Titus’ big break. Workouts below are showcased on YouTube by Reebok instructor Emily Schromm.

1. For every ‘90s reference made by Kimmy: Complete five walking towel inchworms.

2. Every time Kimmy screws up a modern cultural reference: Complete three plank towel crawls, forward and back.

3. Any time Titus sings: Complete five isolated towel slide lunges on each leg.

4. For every reference to “mole women…”: Complete five power stepups to lunge.

5. Every time Xanthippe trash talks Kimmy: Complete three chair dips to core crunch on each leg.

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(Photos via Warner Bros. Television, Universal Television and 3 Arts Entertainment / Featured image via Reebok)