Everyone knows that sickening feeling you get in the split second between dropping your phone on the ground and checking to see if it’s damaged. The one thing that can give you peace of mind is knowing that you have a super protective case, which is exactly what eXo is building, just for you and you iPhone.

eXo is a stainless steel iPhone case inspired by the mechanics of watches and moving springs. The customizable X-shaped support provide impact absorption with a minimalist design, leaving your phone screen bare and your phone jacks available without sacrificing protection quality.

The eXo is made with high-grade stainless steel, polished and treated to aerospace standards. The interior bands that touch the phone are softened to avoid any scratches. Plus the small, minimalist eXo is super easy to install and remove (which can’t always be said for some of the iPhone cases we’ve seen out there).

Unlike some clunkier cases, the eXo is light and stylish and still lets you see your phone in all its glory. And when you do inevitably drop it on the ground, the results are just as you’d hope. No cracks, no broken phone.

eXo is still raising funds on Kickstarter, and a pledge of $175 Canadian dollars (about $150) will get you an early bird discount on the eXo, as well as a leather wallet to hold your phone. Sounds like a pretty sweet holiday deal, don’t you think?

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