We gear ourselves up with the best tech, and we think our tech deserves to gear up, too. That’s why we’ve gathered 34 ways for you to tech-cessorize. From battery packs that can charge your phone up to five times on one charge to a lens that can transform your normal iPhone camera into a DSLR, we present you with the best of the best:

1. Slate Mobile AirDesk ($98): Because laptop desks should be as mobile as laptops themselves. This one has a nice homey look to it thanks to the wood. There’s a home for your phone and even space for a separate mouse.

2. Hisy Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote ($25): You can finally fit all your friends in one selfie without having to set a timer on your phone’s camera. Yay! Everyone say #Selfie!

3. Grande Cord Tacos ($25): From Taco Tuesdays to the taco emoji, our love for tacos is pretty obvious. We even love, love, love to hold our earbuds in these Cord Tacos. Keeps ’em out of trouble.

4. Elementals Collection for iPad 2/3/4 ($85): Disguise your iPad as a journal. The Elementals Collection represents the four elements — water, air, earth and fire.

5. Galileo Robotic Dock for iPhone 4S ($100): This iPhone 4S stand can make a complete 360 rotation. Perfect for still panorama shots or for watching your favorite videos at a perfect angle.

6. Iluka Tablet Sounds ($59): Bump up the jams using your tablet with this speaker.

7. Swimmer Waterproof Speaker ($60): You don’t have to sing acapella anymore to your audience of shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Take this waterproof speaker into the bath, pool, beach or shower.

8. iPad Mini Case Clutch ($125): This leather envelope case is so timeless and sophisticated, you can bring it to your friend’s place or to a business meeting.

9. Forest Foxes iPhone Case ($30): We may never find out what the fox says, but this case is sure to make a cute statement without saying a word.

10. Leather and Waxed Canvas Phone Clutch ($70): This modern leather phone clutch is roomy enough to hold your phone, some cash and a couple credit cards. It’s the perfect grab-and-go clutch.

11. Smart Wallet ($75): This wallet may be compact, but it’s got a whole lot of features packed into it. If you lose your wallet, you can track it through the Bluetooth locator or have it emit a loud beeping noise. If you lose your phone, you can call it from your wallet. When your phone is dying, juice it back up to a full 100% with its 1000 mAH battery backup charge. No one will ever go through the heart-sinking feeling of losing their wallet or phone ever again. The Smart Wallet goes for $115 at retail price, but check out their Indiegogo campaign to snag one for $75.

12. Solar Power Bank Keychain ($35): Remember Sunny Delight’s motto, “Unleash the power of the sun!”? That’s exactly what this solar-powered phone charger does. It harnesses the sun’s energy to keep your phone alive.

13. iPhone Bike Mount ($60): Looking for a bike mount that’s simple and sleek? Lose that bulk and replace it with this minimalist’s bike mount — held in place by Proper’s M Lock technology.

14. Clumsy Case ($40): Whether your little ones always somehow manage to get their small hands on Daddy’s iPad, or if you’re just a butterfingers yourself, this clumsy case is your solution to protecting your iPad.

15. iPhone 5 Directional Microphone ($40): Your iPhone’s camera is already HD quality, so it’s time to add some high-quality audio to your videos. It’s great for recording lectures or interviews, too.

16. LED Phone Lamp ($40): This phone lamp works great when you want to shoot videos at night.

17. Silicone Anti Dust Cover ($2): Protect the outlets on MacBook Airs and Pros with these silicone plug covers.

18. Headbuddy ($15): Finally, a way to keep those darn Apple earbuds in our ears without having to push them back in every second. Transform your normal Apple earbuds into an exercise-friendly pair that’s perfect for running.

19. iPad Writing Center ($179): It’s easy to achieve the familiar comforts of a laptop with your iPad using this wooden writing center made from black walnut board.

20. Ban.do iPad Case ($30): Keep your laptop nice and snug in a statement case that’ll definitely turn heads.

21. StickR TrackR ($25): Stick a StickR on your wallet, laptop, phone, and anything else you always end up misplacing. The StickR TrackR will help you find everything through the TrackR app.

22. Snooze Dock for iPhone 4 and 5 ($35): With everyone and their mother relying on their phones as an alarm clock in the mornings, this minimal snooze dock is a great way to avoid dropping your phone in an attempt to hit snooze.

23. Booksi for iPhone or Android ($54): A great charging dock for all bookworms. It’s barely noticeable that you’re charging your phone, since all the charging cables are inside of the book. The fun part is that there are a variety of books to choose from.

24. Red Nose Reindeer iPhone Case ($30): Show off the back of your phone will still jazzing it up with some holiday spirit.

25. Camera Strap ($95): A high-quality, handmade leather camera strap that keeps your camera hooked — you’ll be hooked, too.

26. Bsteady Car Mount ($50): No more putting your phone in your lap while you’re using it as a GPS. This car mount is universal. You can fit any phone in it, and the mount itself can fit in any car.

27. iPhone 4/4S SLR Mount ($175): Instantly turn your iPhone into a hybrid creation (we’d like to call it a Nikon 4/4S) and get DSLR quality photos with this case and SLR lens.

28. SHARKK Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard ($33): Here’s a thin, lightweight keyboard that has the sleek look of an Apple chiclet keyboard.

29. 11+ Felt Case ($55): This laptop and tablet case doubles as an organizer for your tech-cessories. It’s a great, modern portfolio to house your tech while you’re on the go.

30. Battery Buddy ($50): With this rechargeable battery pack, you won’t have to make sure your phone is at 100% before you walk out the door. It can charge your phone up to five times from just one single charge. It even has two USB ports so you can simultaneously charge other devices or help out a friend with their phone’s sad battery life. Oh, and it looks totally adorable. You can get your Battery Buddy in either Strawberry, Kale or Latte. How cute is that?

31. Magnetic Organization System ($25): Cordies just not for you? Try out this Magnetic Organization System. Your cords are always ready to use and can be quickly put away, too.

32. Shutter Huggers ($20): It’s always hard to get a young one’s attention when you’re trying to take a family photo or even a solo pic of the baby. Shutter Huggers is a great way to grab their attention and make them smile, producing the perfect shots. It also works wonders on pets!

33. Avocado FotoStrap ($85): With every purchase of one of these ergonomic camera straps, 10% of the proceeds goes towards a non-profit that creates short films about inspiring people who are overcoming adversity.

34. Raspberry Pi Case ($32): Spruce up your Raspberry Pi DIYs by adding this simple case that protects the computer but still allows access to the GPIO ports.

Which tech-cessory was your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!