This is definitely the year of the turn back time viral video. Thanks to various YouTube series we鈥檝e been able to experience the evolution of beauty, an aging couple and even the looks of proms past. Who needs history class these days? ;) This week brings us a time lapse of American fashion from 1915 to today and all we have to say is it鈥檚 been one stylish century.

100 years of american fashion

This fashion-forward highlight reel, created by Mode + modeled by YouTuber Stephanie Villa, showcases the variety of fashion from the super conservative looks of the early 1900s and the Great Gatsby-inspired 鈥20s to the more laid-back casual approach to style in the early days of 2000 and today.

Throughout the two-minute video, viewers will experience every type of look from the Audrey Hepburn + Mad Men styles of the 鈥50s + 鈥60s to the psychedelic jumpsuit of the 鈥70s. Lest we forget 鈥 how could we?! 鈥 there鈥檚 also features of the fringe-friendly, crimped 鈥80s attire and the grunge glam approach of the 鈥90s. We definitely don鈥檛 miss those approaches to fashion鈥

Which decade(s) of American fashion do you incorporate into your style? Let us know in the comments.