It’s prom season, and big decisions are happening. Should you say yes or no to that last-minute promposal? What afterparty is worthy of your time? Limo or party bus?! Most important of all, though, is the choice of what to wear. In a funny new video, Teen Vogue has plenty of inspo — six decades, to be exact! — for your twerking/waltzing/shuffling attire no matter the era you want your overall look to invoke.


In “80 Years of Prom in 2 Minutes,”Teen Vogue‘s YouTube host Claudia Sulewski attends six proms in one day. (Same date each time though, #buzzkill.) Each dance represented a different era — ’30, ’50s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s + today — giving Claudia the opportunity to do the timewarp with her looks.

The dancing queen got to rock a dramatic updo for the ’30s, emulate Audrey for the ’50s and disco down like Farrah for the ’70s. Lace gloves and a crimper made her ’80s-inspired outfit come to life, and you just might have some flashbacks to the glam grunge look she rocked in the ’90s. It all comes full circle with a frock ready for today’s prom: a classy-cool color blocked gown.

We’re sure every lady wants to go on the dressing + dancing journey Claudia went on to decide their prom looks. Luckily you can, as Teen Vogue listed all the deets on Claudia’s various outfits for your online shopping pleasure. No matter which decade you decide to pay homage to on prom night, make it extra special with a touch of DIY. And lots of dancing ;)

Which decade of prom attire would you wear today and which would you not give a second look at? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via Teen Vogue)