It鈥檚 not every day you get to see you and your significant other living out the 鈥溾檛il death do us part鈥 promise you made. So if the opportunity arose to see in that crystal ball鈥 you would take it, right? That was the case for one couple in the latest release from Cut鈥檚 鈥100 Years of Beauty鈥 series. This video is all about growing old together and, just like the others in the series, it鈥檚 seriously beautiful.


Engaged couple Kristie + Tavis got a glimpse into their future together 鈥 70 years, to be exact 鈥 thanks to the help of a team of makeup artists and prosthetics. In 鈥100 Years of Beauty: Aging鈥 the soon-to-be married twosome went from their late 20s all the way to their late 90s in a matter of timelapsed minutes.

Throughout the video Kristie 鈥 who fought back tears in nearly every reveal 鈥 couldn鈥檛 believe how much she looked like her mother and then eventually her grandmother, while Tavis commented that he should 鈥渟tart using sunscreen.鈥 Very wise observation, Tavis.

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