Months later and we’re still not over election drama. In the immediate aftermath of the results, many people pointed to the spread of fake news in their feeds. Although Facebook first denied that the social network had anything to do with the spread of fake news and the election result, they are now directly addressing the issue.

Mark Zuckerberg Attends Mobile World Congress 2016

Earlier today, Facebook announced the launch of its new program, the Facebook Journalism Project. As part of the new mission, Facebook is collaborating with journalists (the first ones are from Vox and The Washington Post) to work out features in new publishing tools and features. Eventually the tools will spread to a wider variety of publications. Facebook will also train journalists on how to find stories more easily with social media.

But the venture will extend to the general public too. While the social network continues initiatives to keep fake news off the site with help from third-party partners, Facebook will also work to train the public on how to identify fake news stories, while helping them choose more reputable news sources. Now we just have to wait and see how effective the new program can be.

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(h/t New York Times; photo via David Ramos / Getty)