It’s crazy that Instagram has shot up to such popularity that people can actually make a living off their posts on the social media platform. Harper’s Bazaar reported that bloggers can make anywhere from $5,000 – $15,000 for a *single* sponsored Instagram post (pssst, you can make it rain too!). Needless to say, more and more people are taking their Instagrams verrrrry seriously, and that includes projecting a picture-perfect image to their hundreds of thousands — sometimes millions — of devoted followers.


Marianna Hewitt, the face + mind behind the blog Life With Me, recently dished to Glamour about her magical photo editing ways (just take a peep at this girl’s swoon-worthy Instagram feed) that take her photos to the next level. Think: beyond-the-basics editing skills, tips, tricks and apps that professional Instagrammers (yes, it’s a thing!) kept secret from amateur Instagrammers like you and me. Scroll below for the checklist for how to get your Instagram photos to look like you’re a fashion blogger.


1. Snap a lot of selfies: Yep, like Kim Kardashian West levels of selfie snapping — you want to start with the perfect shot. Marianna uses the “heart” feature on her iPhone to keep track of her favorites. It’s a hack that will save you SO much time (+ sanity) from scrolling through your entire camera roll.

2. Take the time to edit your photos: We all know the thrill of posting in real time, but just a few minutes of next-level editing can set your pics apart. Marianna swears by the editing app FaceTune to give her photos the pro treatment, but only for major editing purposes, like removing stray hairs you didn’t see on cam or cleaning up spots on your masterpiece French Toast brunch plate — NOT for completely Photoshopping your face. When it does come to slight features touch-ups, Marianna recommends using the Smooth tool to take care of weird shadows and the Details tool to make certain features like your eyes pop. Okay, and mayyyyybe masking the problem pimple your concealer couldn’t hide.


3. Create a unique filter formula: Apps like VSCO Cam or Faded are necessary in your virtual editing tool arsenal because they let you have total control over your filters. For Insta pros, it’s as simple as choosing your favorite tint and pressing pub — it’s all about getting the right balance. Marianna saves her favorite filters, then once she finds the one that fits the snap the best, she adjusts settings like contrast, exposure and saturation to create a filter formula that’s one of a kind.

4. Add a border: Marianne always uses the app PicFrame to put a small white border on all of her photos. This creates a consistent, clean (translation = professional!) look. If borders aren’t your thing, there are a ton of other ways to create a signature mark on your photos.

Click over to YouTube for a peek at Marianne’s full photo editing video tutorial.

Are you going to use any of these tips and tricks to edit your photos? Share with us in the comments below.