You know what they say: The best camera is the one that’s with you. But just capturing the moment isn’t as good as capturing, designing and sharing the moment with all your friends, family and followers. With these apps, you (and everyone else) won’t believe your images were shot and edited on your phone. Ditch dreams of expensive cameras and editing equipment. For a few bucks, you can download these apps and begin shooting and designing like a real iPhoneographer.

1. Over ($2): Create gorgeous text overlays on your best images, sans all that expensive and complicated Photoshop business. Once you take or choose a photo to stylize with Over, you can design with tons of fonts and graphics or pick any one of the pre-made designs crafted by some of the best in the business.

2. Obaby ($5): This app will have everybody on your timeline falling in love with your journey from preggo to parent. Featuring handcrafted artwork and tons of font and graphic choices, Obaby will help you capture, shape and share the best of the baby years.

3. VSCO Cam (Free): Fabulous filters are everything, and this app has exactly what you need for gorgeous, artistic shots. Apply and edit filters to photos and share your creations through the VSCO grid or upload to any of your online profiles.

4. Mystic ($1): Hipsters, this one is for you. Similar to Over, Mystic offers bigger (and dare we say better?!) selections. We’ll let you be the judge. Tap into and share your free spirit vibes with filters like “Pueblo” and text overlay quotes from the likes of Crazy Horse, MLK Jr. and Ghandi.

5. A Beautiful Mess ($1): This app does a little bit of everything, from filters and collages to text overlays and borders. ABM is easy to use and perfect if you want just one go-to app for shooting, editing and sharing photos.

6. Rhonna Designs ($2): There are so many adorable photo editing options within this app, it’ll take a year to explore them all. Masks, text overlays, backgrounds and borders galore give your images a homemade, cozy feel.

7. iDarkroom ($1): Other apps can sharpen grainy images, but this isn’t that app. iDarkroom brings that old-school darkroom vibe to new school images, allowing you to add texture, light and bokeh to photos. (via House of Bentley)

8. Wood Camera ($1): Probably the easiest to shoot, access and share images with, this app is perfect if you’re wanting higher quality edits and adjustments. The filters can be very, well, filter-y or barely noticeable depending on which one you choose. Wood Camera gives you the most control with the least effort.

9. Rookie (Free): Sharper focus, better lighting and adjustable filters make us wonder why this app isn’t called Professional. After fixin’ up your shot, you can make a statement using type from any of the gazillion font choices.

10. Camera + ($2): Camera + is essential if you’re a “selfie on girls night out” type. The digital flash transforms dark images into beautifully exposed, share-worthy photos.

What photo apps can you not live (or post!) without? What apps help your creativity run wild? Tell us in the comments!