Dad always deserves a feast fit for a king on Father鈥檚 Day, amirite? Maybe his favorite meal is a classic burger, or a fancy surf and turf is his spread of choice. Chances are, it鈥檚 going to be something fried, grilled, or smothered with cheese (so that鈥檚 where you get it). Well, break out the beertails and treat Dad to a few of these recipes that鈥檒l have him wishing every day was Father鈥檚 Day.

1. Beer Battered Onion Rings With Buttermilk Ranch Dip: If you鈥檙e going to go the onion ring route, they have to be beer battered and fried to perfection. Homemade ranch not optional. (via Joy the Baker)

2. Beeramisu: If your dad is a stout beer enthusiast, this boozy version of tiramisu will make his day. Gift him a six pack of his favorite and your present and dish will be done in one fell swoop. (via I Am a Food Blog

3. Beer Bratwurst and Onions: Remember all those times your dad dragged you to baseball games and inhaled a brat with sauteed onions? Relive those memories with tickets to see his team play and a cookout complete with his go-to stadium order. (via Foodiecrush)

4. Brisket Grilled Cheese: A grilled cheese may seem like it鈥檚 nothing special, but when you鈥檝e slaved all day on the brisket that鈥檚 on the inside, it鈥檚 a different story. Nothing says 鈥淚 love you, Dad鈥 quite like gooey cheese and shredded meat. (via Spicy Southern Kitchen)

5. Fried Calamari: Start off a seafood feast with the classic dish, fried calamari. (via The Fork Bite)

6. Garlic Beer Cheese Rolls: What could be better than garlic, beer, cheese, and bread all rolled into one? Good luck topping that with the main course. (via The Beeroness)

7. Grilled Avocado-Barbecue Chicken Naan Pizza: Once your dad finds out that you can grill pizza, he鈥檒l ask for it every year. Top with his favorite pizza toppings or go for this summery barbecue chicken recipe. (via Noble Pig)

8. Grilled Caesar Salad: Since the grill is already heated, throw on some lettuce, and whip up this grilled Caesar salad. (via Cravings of a Lunatic)

9. Grilled Corn Fritters: Pick up some fresh sweet corn at the farmers鈥 market, and you鈥檒l have yourself a side dish to be proud of. (via Table for Two)

10. Bourbon Honey Glazed Ribs: Not that you want to show Dad up on his big day, but these ribs *might* just be better than his. (via Nerds With Knives)

11. Jameson Whiskey Blue Cheese Burger With Guinness Cheese Sauce and Crispy Onions: Imagine the best pub burger you鈥檝e ever had, and then amplify that times a million. (via Half Baked Harvest)

12. Grilled Steak Kebabs: A classic cookout by the pool calls for grilled corn, potato salad, and steak and veggie kebabs. (via Life in the Lofthouse)

13. Steak and Lobster With Spicy Roasted Garlic Chimichurri Butter: Your pops has had to put up with a lot in his day (your teen years, for example). Treat him to a luxurious, spicy surf and turf meal on Father鈥檚 Day to say thank you. (via Half Baked Harvest)

14. Rum Cakes: If rum is your father鈥檚 spirit of choice, there鈥檚 only one option for dessert. These individual rum-soaked mini Bundt cakes are melt-in-your-mouth delicious. (via Bakers Royale)

15. Whiskey Bacon Brownies: Two of his favorite treats are combined in this gooey, delicious dessert. (via Mantitlement)

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