The 2016 presidential election was a surprising upset for women’s rights. As we move forward into the new year, full of possibility (and some fear), it’s important to remember how far we’ve come in both big and little ways. We truly wouldn’t be where we are today without so many strong feminists’ blood, sweat and tears. And what better way to declare your commitment to girl power than with some flair that’s stylish and makes a statement! Rock these 30 pins and patches to proudly announce that the future is female.


1. fairycakes I’m Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinity Iron-On Patch ($8): For when you need a stylish and sensitive way to tell mansplainers to back off… without causing them to shed those sad male tears.


2. Punky Pins “Feminist Crystal” Pin ($9): Charge up your feminist abilities with crystal power! We love the pink enamel and geode shape. Too cute.


3. Craft Boner “Boss Bitch” Patch ($6): Are you a girl boss? Or are you just a badass B? We think you probably fit in there somewhere. Iron this baby on and let the world know.


4. eythink Male Tears Embroidered Patch ($14): Make male tears a part of your daily uniform with this teardrop-shaped iron-on patch. We love how artsy the cursive looks.


5. Total Pansy “Join Your Local Girl Gang” Patch ($7): Represent your grrrrl power with this colorful iron-on patch! Get them for your whole girl squad for maximum feminist effect.


6. HouseOfWanderland Stronger Than You Think Enamel Pin ($8): We love this unique design, and the message is *so* important. No matter what, we stay together and we stay strong AF. And that’s a promise.


7. HeatherBuchanan Babe Club Pretty Pink Heart Feminist Pin ($9): You automatically join the “Babely Heart Club” when you sport one of these pink heart bad girls. According to the maker, this pin “possesses magical babe powers which it endows to anyone who wears it.” Babe on.


8. shopTheSassyGirl Future Is Female Astronaut Enamel Pin ($10): Female astronauts, CEOs, presidents — is there anything we can’t do? Heck no. And this space gal would look great on your fave jean jacket.


9. Pintrill Hands Crossed Girl Pin ($12): Interpret this emoji pin as you like — karate chick, back the eff off or super sweet dance move — but the bottom line is it’s all girl power all the time. The next time your boss asks about workplace flair, show them this.


10. PetHaus Girl Gang Sequin Patch ($11): We are in love with this fab femme take on a biker classic. Make your life a little more sparkly and iron on to your fave backpack or denim.


11. Got a Girl Crush “Breast Friends” Lapel Pin ($11): According to the maker, this “tit-yang” pin represents the understanding that opposite or contrary titties are actually complementary, interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. WORD. Twenty percent of proceeds are donated to Black Lives Matter and the ACLU.


12. Cassidyamiller Patriarchy Repellent Embroidered Patch ($5): Keep the bossy boys away with this patriarchy repellent patch designed by Brit + Co’s very own Cassidy Miller! If you’re sick of people telling you what to do, this patch is for you.


13. HennelPaperCo Chicks Before Pricks Cactus Pin ($11): This femme variation on “bros before hos” is too good not to sport. We love the bright colors, and how cute is that mini cactus!?


14. Word for Word Factory “Feminist To-Do List” Pin ($12): Busy ladies have busy lives! We love this simple yet forward message and how it acts as both a motivation reminder and an explanation of what’s important to you.


15. RhinoParade Pantsuit Nation Enamel Pin ($20, pack of three): Pin your squad up with this super cute Hillz-inspired enamel pin three-pack! Remain fearless and remind everyone that the dream lives on despite stormy weather ahead.


16. Got a Girl Crush “My Name Ain’t Baby” Lapel Pin ($11): This Janet Jackson-inspired pin will let all those fools know — your name AIN’T baby. It ain’t honey, sugar, sweetie or sexy either.


17. eythink No Bras No Masters Embroidered Patch ($11): This pro-titty-anarchy patch is the perfect iron-on message to add to your “flair” arsenal. Nobody tells us what to wear.


18. NaomiHopeDesigns Lisa Simpson “The Whole Damn System Is Wrong” Iron-On Patch ($6): Lisa is an iconic cartoon feminist — smart, sassy and always standing up for what she believes in. Iron this on and see what interesting convos come about.


19. PepperRaccoon Nasty Woman Enamel Pin ($11): The perfect shape for a collar or pocket, this enamel pin was inspired by Donald’s Trump absolute ridiculousness. We love the greenery color (Pantone ’17 FTW) and accent hearts!


20. Daisy Natives Girls Support Girls Enamel Pin ($11): This adorbs enamel pin is a great reminder of how working together can bring great change. Girls support girls!


21. Hello Holiday Feminist Pin ($10): We are head over heels for this rose gold enamel pin with a simple message. Wear this name badge style or on your favorite shoulder bag.


22. ThatNoiseGallery Birth Control Pills Embroidered Patch ($10): Wear your rights proudly with this cute birth control pill iron-on patch. Feminism means standing up for women’s reproductive rights — our bodies, our choices.


23. 1rnshwslls Do It Like a Girl Patch ($5): This canvas and cotton patch is a striking black and white accent piece and would look amaze on a tee or tank. What’s the right way to do it? Like a girl (boss)!


24. Tuesday Bassen Ugly Girl Gang Pin ($10): The Ugly Girl Gang is a group of badass ladies unconcerned about their physical appearance, who kick ass at what they do. If you identify with that, then this is for you. Available in rose gold, gold or silver.


25. Sara M. Lyons It’s Lit Bra Iron-On Patch ($6): This adorable patch is a throwback cartoony symbol of women’s lib. Twenty-five percent of proceeds are donated to United We Dream in support of the #heretostay movement.


26. Word for Word Factory “Feminist Century” Pin ($12): Our election may have been a total disaster, but the dream isn’t dead. Wear this pin proudly, because this is a feminist century and we will keep fighting the good fight.


27. Kidd Bell Boss Ass Bitch Patch ($7): We love these bright and bossy patches and how well they’ll go with cowboy booties and 501s. Giddy-up, cowgirl!


28. Tuesday Bassen Girls Pennant Pin ($10): Who run the world? ‘Nuff said.


29. craftboner Feminist As Fuck Pin ($2): Shine bright like a diamond with this sweet and v fierce feminist as fuck pin. We love how they used playful fonts to make a serious statement.

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