Women’s History Month is just the best, isn’t it? Not only do we get an #InternationalWomensDay to celebrate the badassery of women everywhere, but the celebration in the US goes on to last the whole month. From celebrating iconic Black women throughout history to highlighting all the amazing female millennials making history right now, March is the month to be your unapologetically feminist self. And what better way to show it than rocking some super cute and badass feminist gear from these Etsy sellers? Your money goes straight to some creative, independent feminists, and you get to show off how down with women’s rights you are. That’s a win-win in our book.


1. Grace D. Chin: Have you ever seen anything like this?! This seller makes these gorgeous and really unique mini-wreaths with an awesome feminist twist.


2. Sarah Duyer: Send a powerful message this month with a t-shirt or tote that says, “don’t tell me to smile,” or “catcallin’ ain’t cute!” AKA, “This t-shirt might be super-cute, but your misogyny definitely isn’t.”


3. Fabulously Feminist: From tote bags to onesies to set the feminist tone for your little bundle of joy, this shop has everything you (and your family) need to celebrate Women’s History Month in style.


4. Radical Hearts Print Lab: Display your feminism proudly in your apartment with these amazing, colorful prints. With a mix of feminist and #blacklivesmatter sentiments, you’re sure to find something you love.


5. Love Letters 4 Liberation: This shop is an amazing resource to show your support for feminism and the #blacklivesmatter movement (though they’re really one in the same, right? Intersectionality FTW). Through proceeds from their #blacklivesmatter apparel, they’ve donated $2,000 to organizations fighting police brutality.

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6. Feminist Apparel: Exactly what it sounds like, this one makes clothes for the unapologetic feminist in all of us. From a simple “#feminist” slogan tee to to a “feminist Kanye” t-shirt (you heard that right), you’re sure to find something extra sassy to sport this month.


7. Catfight Back: This girl-powered shop makes jewelry and accessories for when we’re just feeling extra proud to be women — which, let’s face it — is always.


8. Creepy Gals: This shop boasts “everything feminist, creepy and witchy,” so that’s pretty self-explanatory. Seriously, what’s not to love?!


9. Modern Girl Blitz:  This one has tons of badass feminist gear to choose from. We suggest amping up your sass levels with one of their cheeky broaches.


10. Nina Positive Shop: Show your body positivity this month with these slogan tees that celebrate every woman’s of every culture’s body.

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