The first Fifty Shades Freed teaser showed us a wedding and a possible kidnapping. The second gave us guns, a car chase, and Ana鈥檚 revenge-seeking ex-boss. But the third look at the film, which just dropped today, may contain the biggest bombshell of them all.

In the new trailer, we see newlywed Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) living an existence so charmed that even she isn鈥檛 sure it鈥檚 real. 鈥淚 just can鈥檛 believe that this is my life that I get to live with you,鈥 she tells Christian (Jamie Dornan).

But we soon find out that things aren鈥檛 all wine and roses.

As first shown in the previous trailer, the lovebirds embark on a major renovation project as they settle into their new life together in a stately old home. And the drama starts right away, when a gorgeous architect (Arielle Kebbel) shows up and gets a little too friendly with Christian, prompting Ana to step in. 鈥淧lease stop speaking to my husband as if I weren鈥檛 here,鈥 she tells the architect. 鈥淵ou may call me Mrs. Grey.鈥

From there, the tease continues to sizzle, as Elena (Kim Basinger) reappears in Christian鈥檚 life. But that鈥檚 nothing compared to the return of Ana鈥檚 ex-boss Jack, who is obviously unhinged and wants revenge on his former employee. And just when we think we can鈥檛 take any more, we see Ana鈥檚 shocked face as a voice tells her, 鈥淚t seems you鈥檙e pregnant, Mrs. Grey.鈥

Of course, all of this is in addition to snippets of the steamy scenes we鈥檝e come to expect from the franchise.

See it all in the new Fifty Shades Freed trailer above, and check out the action on-screen when the movie hits theaters on Valentine鈥檚 Day.

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(photos via Universal Pictures + YouTube)