First dates are all about making a good first impression and igniting that initial spark. When tasked with picking a spot for a date, you want a location with great vibes and an activity that allows for a free flow of conversation. Instead of going to your local chain to meet up for drinks, try something exciting and unexpected. Scroll on for 15 creative date ideas that are fun and memorable.

1. Check Out Your Local Farmers’ Market: Meet up for a coffee beforehand and head over to a farmers’ market to check out the produce (and each other). If the date goes well, you can share a meal later that week with some of the goodies you picked up. (Photo via J Wiley)

2. Take a Cooking Class: What’s more romantic than an evening of flirting and consuming delicious food? Even if the date fizzles, you’ll have learned how to make an amazing new dish.

3. Volunteer Together: Get to know their compassionate side by spending an afternoon volunteering at an animal shelter, handing out meals at a food bank or spending time at a home for the elderly. (Photo via Money Crashers)

4. Act like a Tourist: Is there a tourist attraction in your town that you’ve never been to? Explore it together, and you’ll be sure to learn a lot about each other and your town. Cheesy tourist pictures are optional, but strongly encouraged. (Photo via Meghan Andrews Photography)

5. Movies in the Park: Check your city’s listings for movies in the park, and invite your crush. Bring a picnic dinner and turn it into a fun twist on a traditional dinner-and-a-movie date.

6. Take a Brewery Tour: Many breweries offer behind-the-scenes tours of their manufacturing process, along with a tasting at the end. It’s a low-key date and educational. We have a sneaking suspicion your date will be bragging to their buddies about this one.

7. Triathlon Date: No, we’re not suggesting you run, bike and swim (unless you really want to). The idea behind this date is to pick three activities to do together. For example: Meet up for a morning hike, head to lunch and then grab a drink. (Photo via Ben Haisch)

8. Go to a Trivia Night: Show them your competitive side at trivia night. It’s a great way to get to know each other and have fun doing it. (via Cornerstone Tavern)

9. Go on an Art Walk: Spend the evening popping in and out of galleries and appreciating the local talent in your town. (via Omar Kalifornia)

10. Brunch: Have a favorite brunch spot? Meet up with your date and play 20 questions over eggs Benedict. (Photo via Anneli Marinovich)

11. Bring Half a Date: You plan one half, and they plan the other half. The element of surprise adds a sweet twist to your first date. (Photo via Fotos by Fola)

12. Take a Coffee Walk: Instead of sitting at a coffee shop, order your favorite drinks to go and take a walk around a park. It will give you an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful spring day. (Photo via Mia Jade Weddings)

13. Have a Five-Course Dinner at Different Places: Order an appetizer, soup, main dish, dessert and coffee at a different restaurant each time. Take turns picking spots, and you’ll get to try all those places you’ve been dying to visit, plus discover one or two new ones along the way.

14. Visit a New Neighborhood: Does your city have a historic district or pedestrian mall you’ve been dying to check out? Plan an afternoon exploring this new-to-you part of the city. You’ll get bonus points if you pick up some cheesy tourist souvenirs. (via @twotrends)

15. Visit an Obscure Museum: Spend an afternoon learning about something you know nothing about. Whether it’s cryptozoology, bad art or SPAM, there’s a museum for every first date. (via @officials_c_)

Where is your favorite spot for a first date? Hit us up in the comments!