He may not have spent the past nine months growing another human being inside of his body, but your S.O. is still so deserving of his special day. The brand-new dad is up for those midnight bottle-feedings, is on diaper duty, and is every bit the fabulous parent. Now it’s time to celebrate his very first Father’s Day — so make it count. (Although, TBH, your guy will probably think anything you organize for this special day is rad.) Read on for eight ways to spend this June 18, and get ready to make some new family memories.

1. Secret Date: Dad loves spending time with his kid, but he’s also jonesing for some alone time with you too. Plan a secret night out, minus the baby. Ask Grandma, Grandpa, or your BFF to babysit, and head out for a quiet dinner for two. Instead of trying that adorable little French bistro you’ve been waiting to go to, pick a place that you know your guy will enjoy — even if it’s fast food!

2. Park Picnic: Stock your picnic basket with foods that Dad adores, whether it’s a fancy cheese plate and a salad with his fave homemade dressing, or tasty snacks (like these bacon pastry twists) and sweets (brownies, anyone?). Don’t worry about making a five-star meal. Set up your blanket under a shady tree, and have a family meal al fresco.

3. Indoor Option: You packed an amazing basket and are just about to head out the door for the Father’s Day picnic that Dad is so looking forward to enjoying in the park. Then the sky opens up, and it starts pouring. Leave it to those June showers to ruin a perfectly planned afternoon. There’s no need to scrap your plans entirely. Throw that blanket down on the living room floor, and make this into an indoor event. Bonus points if you turn on a nature documentary to bring the outside in.

4. Photo Shoot: Create your own daddy/baby photo shoot to celebrate the big day. This doesn’t have to be a big-budget holiday activity. Hey, if you want to hire a pro, go ahead. But if you want to save a few dollars, you can act as the photographer. Set up a sweet scene in your baby’s nursery, your backyard, or a local park for some shots with the flora and the fauna.

5. Breakfast in Bed: Let Dad sleep in on his day while you whip up a breakfast fit for a king. Pile a plate with scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, bacon, and some pancakes infused with bacon. Bring it to your S.O. with a little note from you and the baby. And if the baby is still sleeping, you can always get back into bed with your guy for a very grown-up celebration.

6. Man Cave: Your house has gone from the two of you to baby-full. Seriously. There are binkies, blankies, and bottles just about everywhere you look. Clear out a space — even if it’s just for the day — that is totally free of baby gear. Turn one room into a man cave just for Father’s Day. Out with the strollers, breast pumps, and diapers and in with Dad’s favorite movies, his comfy beanbag chair, and his mini fridge. Don’t worry; you and the baby can stay too!

7. Dad’s Choice: You really want to plan an entire day for Dad. It’s his first Father’s Day, and you want to make it super special. But that doesn’t always mean the two of you are on the same page. Throw out your schedule, and let Dad pick what he wants to do today. Maybe he just wants to hang with the baby. Maybe he wants to go for a family hike. Or maybe he wants to take the three of you out for his own fave adventure.

8. Pop’s Party: You’ve spent some serious time building a contact list of mom friends, and some of these lovely ladies have equally as awesome guys in their lives. Put together a party for your S.O., inviting all of your parent pals (and their little ones) to celebrate the day too. Make it an afternoon or early evening event — after all, sleep is a gift too!

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