There’s nothing like good music to get you in the mood to bust a sweat. Just ask these fitness pros who continually create hit lists for their spinning, yoga, and high-intensity training classes. Even when you’re dead tired and about to give up, a song will come on that pushes you through — so download their go-to anthems and get ready to get your workout on.


mark riberio fhitting room

1. HIIT It by Mark Ribeiro, Trainer at The Fhitting Room: “These songs get me going during my workouts and especially when I’m teaching class. Since what we do is high intensity at The Fhitting Room, it’s great to have a beat that will set a fast pace, catchy lyrics to somewhat distract you from the tough workout, and just some good music to have fun to.” (Photo via Heidi B Photo)


2. Motivational Mashups to Get You Movin’ by Alex Puette, Spin Instructor at Cyc Fitness: “Mashups (two or more songs combined into one) are the best way to add some zing to your workout jams! My favorites are the ones that merge songs you would least expect to work (for example, Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ with the Village People’s ‘YMCA’), and I love to play them in class, because they always surprise riders and make them smile and laugh. When you’re in a good mood and really listening to a song, I notice that riders tend to push themselves harder and are more focused. On top of all that, they are so freaking creative, and I love supporting the amazing DJs that put them together. Try one (or all) of these mashups in your workout playlist, and prepare to be pumped!” (Photo via Alex Puette)


3. Unstoppable Flow by Katie Haggerty, National Studio Programming Manager at Life Time Fitness: “These songs were all chosen to provide a message. ‘Burgs’ sets the stage with a mindfulness that this life is so extraordinary, and if we overcomplicate it, it just gets messy, and we miss out. ‘Oh Lord’ provides a message of temptations with the understanding we are always connected to something deeper than ourselves. Every song from ‘Rise’ to ‘Natural Blues’ is how we journey through this life with freedom of choice, and then ‘Stand by Me’ is all about how when we know our purpose we can stand together in love, kindness, and respect to make this world beautiful.” (Photo via Katie Haggerty)

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