We love food. We love puns. So, naturally we love food puns. And we really love food puns that take it to the next level through photography, color and further punnery. The latest and greatest example of that? #FoodnitedStates by Chris Durso of Foodiggity fame.

These clever combinations of states and food might make you giggle, might make you hungry and might gross you out. Whatever your gut (get it?) reaction is, they’ll definitely make you look.

Durso’s been rolling out a new puntastic creation every few days for the last couple weeks over on Instagram (@foodiggity). As with any Instagram or Tumblr series, we’re super curious to see if he brings the entire series to fruition. Or maybe he already has and is just keeping us wanting more?

Maybe in the future we’ll see Fried Coloradough? Idahome Fries? The possibilities are endless… and likely delicious. Durso should totally collab with a chef to turn this into a cookbook. Like potato salad, this would be Kickstarter GOLD!

What other food puns can you come up with that incorporate states? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.