In WTF-worthy news that could only have been born on this thing we call the world wide web, there is a crowdfunding campaign that is ready to steal the thunder from that tray of Aunt Jean’s signature side that you gorged on all July 4th weekend. Zack Danger Brown is the man behind the Kickstarter campaign for Potato Salad. That’s it, just potato salad. And if you think he’s cray, check yourself, because his $10 goal is on its way to being met 11,000 times over. And counting.

A simple goal of making his first batch of potato salad has turned into a BBQ that the whole Internet is now invited to — BYOBB (bring your own baked beans). Columbus, OH’s next top chef launched a Kickstarter on July 3 that he’s had to add about nine stretch goals and a slew of spud-riffic pledge gifts to. A $35 pledge will get you an “I Heart Potato” shirt, $50 or more gets you a “potato salads of the world” recipe book, budget pledges under $5 still score you haikus, bites or the promise that Zack will say your name aloud as he glops mucho mayo into the giant bowl(s). According to an AMA he did on Reddit earlier today, Zack might get his city’s mayor involved and see if he can expand the potato party to a Columbus park over Labor Day weekend to accommodate the pending boon to OH’s potato tourism.

We might have assumed that July 4th weekend would not be the best time for something you ate as leftovers for breakfast the last three days to go viral, but apparently potato salad is timeless. We guess no one is Team Pasta Salad out there?! Zack, if you need some recipes, we have the hook up for you. Here are 25 ways to make that potato salad healthier and another way to treat yo’ self and your guests with a lil lobster in your spud salad. You can afford the fancy add-ons at this point.

There’s no word yet what Zack will use this surplus of spud donations for, but hopefully he’ll turn the Internet’s dollars into more than just a bangin’ barbecue. Although he might need some of them for unforeseen costs… like figuring out how to mail unspoiled “bites” of potato salad to thousands of backers. And we’re glad he’s rethinking that December 2014 delivery date. That would be a lot of Christmastime ‘tato salad to mix up alongside your cookies, latkes and whatever spread you’re already serving. We bet Kickstarter is rethinking its recent move to let folks bypass their approval process right about now.

What’s the weirdest crowdfunding campaign you’ve clicked across? Would you donate to Zack, just to get a taste of that mayo-y goodness or is this a rotten use of crowdfunding?