There’s something about a simple line drawing that really gets our goat. When you can use just a few key strokes, a color here, and a color there to illustrate something you might see every day, a mini moment of magic happens.

Thanks to the Internet, we’re all able to bring so much more art into our lives than ever before, and we can support emerging artists, illustrators, and designers alike. It’s pretty awesome, if you ask us. Of course, I’m digressing now. Let us get to the topic at hand: 10 lovely illustrations of food, fit for a foodie’s kitchen.

1. Snacks of the Great Scribblers ($39): A local SF artist, Wendy MacNaughton is one of my personal favorites. In fact, I have her print of mushrooms and her print of farmer’s market produce hanging above me as I write this very article! In any case, this print is dear to our hearts, as it combines iconic authors with the snack foods they kept on their desks. We’re definitely impressed by Emily Dickinson.

2. Fig and Goat’s Cheese Salad ($20): Fig and goat cheese might be the gastropub version of peas and carrots. They’re just so good together. This illustrated recipe can be your go-to salad for all your fall dinner parties – just grab those figs while they’re still in the produce section!

3. Comfort Food Waffle Spa ($30): There is something about comfort food that makes you just want to curl right up in it, don’t you think? Now, the syrup component of waffles doesn’t seem the most spa-like of experiences, but we’ll go with it for the sake of this print.

4. Food and Beer Pairings ($52 for set of 6): How fun is this? It’s just like the menu at your new favorite beer garden ;)

5. Jars of Pickles ($16 and up): Pickling seems to be the new jam (get it?!) these days, and we’re definitely pickling-curious here at Brit HQ. This quirky print is perfect for folks who love a bit of brine.

6. Foods of 30 Rock ($20): What! Yes, this is real. Such a fun ode to one of our favorite shows. Now, we wonder if this same artist has a punny rendition of Liz… Lemon :)

7. Cake Alphabet ($25): We. Need. This. Now! It’s an alphabet made entirely of cakes! In fact, maybe we need to make all of these cakes, photograph them, and send them to this artist?!

8. French Cold Cuts ($32): If you’re more of a carnivore, then you’ll appreciate this more graphic illustration of classic French cold cuts.

9. Banana Bread ($20): I don’t think I’ve ever met a banana bread recipe I didn’t love. Take it to a more desserty level by adding dark chocolate chips and maybe even a little bit of toffee. Wait, is my stomach actually grumbling?

10. Greens ($5): Guess what the coolest part about this print is? It’s actually a printable! You pay five bucks to download the file and print it yourself. It makes for a much more affordable option, and you can even experiment with printing on different types of paper. So cool.

What type of artwork do you have in your kitchen? Do you shop online for art or buy it in person? Talk to us in the comments below.