It’s Friday, Friday… and you know what that means (no, not Rebecca Black). It’s FOOSBALL FRIDAY! Duh. We love our multifunctional furniture, especially when they serve a little fun with their function. Foosball tables have been around forever, but now the Chicago Gaming Company has created a Foosball Coffee Table to keep your games classy.

Made of sturdy poplar, this coffee table is perfect for a dignified house party or even for a good game of flip cup. At 20” tall, it’s the perfect height for sitting or kneeling when playing foosball or entertaining (pinkies up!). And we all know that as adults, we like to enjoy the finer things in life. Like hand-painted foosball men, which this table has!

The table is pretty affordable too, considering it’s a game and a piece of furniture in one. It’s price point is a bit steep ($600), but it does do double duty while also keeping both kids AND adults entertained.

Bring back the arcade days in a more mature, *dignified* manner with this sweet coffee table. We know we will, considering our love of retro game tables like the mixtape table and nintendo controller table. Better get on it fast, because it’s selling out quick. Game on!

Do you think you’d ever use a game coffee table? What other games would you want to see in everyday furniture?