We know we can always count on Forever 21 to give us more, more, more of the latest trends to try for less, less, less, but the retailer’s new concept store just took that wallet-friendly mission to a whole new level. This Saturday, it will open F21 Red in South Gate, California, a mega-store that will dedicate its entire 18,000 square feet to slinging only the cheapest of Forever 21’s basics. That means prices will start at just $2 for on-trend-to-the-second apparel and accessories.

Now that all jeans on display cost as much as an UberX ride and every tank in sight is priced the same as a cup of craft coffee, this model could streamline the shopping experience for ladies looking to boost their daytime wardrobes on a strict budget. No word if Forever 21 is planning on opening more locations at this time, so the rest of us will still have to dig through piles of neon + navigate Ikea-levels of display mazes in order to find those clutch seasonal pieces in stores. Or, just buddy up with gals like us at Brit + Co. who can curate with our eyes closed! Some of our fave Forever 21 buys for under $10 are right below — no hunting required!

1. Floral Print Skater Skirt ($7.80): The bold floral trend is blowing up! Here’s an easy breezy way to get in on it.

2. Standout Beaded Bib Necklace ($8.80): We’re suckers for a statement necklace, especially when we can rock gems that don’t break the bank.

3. Everyday Maxi Dress ($9.80): Do you have a black maxi in your closet yet? Go from work to play and day to night for less than $10!

4. Rustic Regal Studs ($6.80): A mix of on-trend turquoise and timeless crystals make these earrings seriously covetable.

5. Iconic Round Keyring Coin Purse ($4.80): Change up your change purse with this elegant round zip pouch. Red carpet worthy? We think so too!

6. Favorite Crop Top ($4.80): Ladies, now is the time to try a crop top. If we can’t convince you, then maybe our fave celebs can turn you with how-to-wear inspo.

7. Favorite Skinny Jeans ($7.80): Jeans for $8 aren’t too good to be true!

8. Everyday Woven Tank ($9.80): If you ask us, you can never have enough sheer blouses at your disposal, and this look is one of our favorites thanks to that swoon-worthy contrast zip.

9. Spiked Hairpin Set ($1.80): Upgrade your hairpin game with the change you found in your jacket pocket. Really, decking out your ‘do doesn’t get any easier than this.

10. Multi-Stripe Tee ($8.80): Pair this striped tee with a pencil skirt for work or cutoffs on the weekends and watch it become one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

What is your favorite Forever 21 find? Share below!

(h/t Fashionista)