If the return of dELiA*s wasn’t enough of an indicator that ’90s fashion is back in full swing, Forever 21’s new spring collection is here to convince you once and for all.


The fast fashion retailer’s new spring line is an obvious ode to not only the ’90s, but also the ’70s (which as you’ll recall were ALSO huge in the ’90s). Here, you’ll find a mix of mom jeans and flares, striped tomboy tees and crop tops, bandanas and pageboy hats.

In the denim department, the spring line comes with five new styles, all named after iconic Los Angeles street names. “The Beverly” offers a low-rise skinny ankle. “The Sunset” is a mid-rise skinny. “The Westwood” is also a mid-rise but offers a vintage flared leg. “The Fairfax” is your classic high-rise skinny and “The Larchmont” is a high-rise with a flirty cropped leg.


In a release announcing the new line, Forever 21 writes that this collection is all about doubling up and pairing basic pieces with statement denim in colors like cream, blue, gold, khaki, olive and red. The result? Hopefully something resembling that oh-so-cool model-off-duty look. Or maybe like you’re an extra on the set Taxi Driver, but, you know, without all the craziness.


The collection is now available on Forever 21’s website and will be available in stores globally beginning Friday, January 29.

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(Photos via Forever 21)