With Coachella quickly approaching, festival season is about to be in full swing. We鈥檝e got you covered with the latest style trends, hairstyles, and news, but if you鈥檙e still looking for a little sumthin鈥 sumthin鈥 to spice up your boho look, you鈥檙e in luck! Our free printable festival-inspired tattoos will bring the color *and* fun to your getup. With one sheet of jewelry and another of illustrations, you鈥檒l have plenty to choose from. Happy tat-ing!

Download our festival-inspired tattoos

Our festival tattoo sheet and jewelry sheet are full of so many trendy boho designs that you won鈥檛 know which ones to pick. And we don鈥檛 blame ya! Just keep slapping 鈥檈m on, because you can never have too many temporary tats, right?

Placement is up to you, but we suggest fingers, toes, ankles, and shoulders.

Download the festival tattoos and print on special tattoo paper. We recommend this Tattify paper from Amazon ($20 for five sheets).

We want to see how you use your festival tats! Share the finished result with us on Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtag #iamcreative. And be sure to check out our other awesome Free Printable Friday finds here.

Illustrations: Marisa Kutmong

Photo Styling: Katie Bond + Cassidy Miller

Photography: Kurt Andre