The Hanukkah festivities are starting a little later this year, and it’s likely that a couple of nights might be spent celebrating Friends-Mukkah style with those that live close by. Menorahs that collect dust in a closet until Hanukkah make us cringe, so we set out to make one that didn’t have to be put away after the Festival of Lights is over. With the resurgence of mud cloth lately (see 20 ways to decorate your home with mud cloth), it’s only fitting that we incorporated the new trend into our DIY menorah — enter the succulent mud cloth-inspired menorah! The best part is that, after Hanukkah, the candles can be removed and you’ll have a beautiful year-round centerpiece.


Materials and Tools:

  • blue acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • white paint pen
  • wood planter box
  • succulents
  • succulent and cactus potting soil
  • white long-stem candles


1. Paint each side of the wood planter box blue.

2. Use the white paint pen to draw the mud cloth designs on the sides of the box.

3. Fill box with the succulent and cactus soil.

4. Transfer succulents from their nursery containers into the planter box, making sure to leave enough room down the middle for the candles.

5. Add your candles along the center of the box with the middle candle (the shamash) slightly higher than the rest.


Paint one thick coat of the acrylic blue onto the box and let dry completely.


Use the paint pen to draw the mud cloth designs onto the box. I freehanded my designs, but you can look up mud cloth patterns to go off of!


Fill box with soil and transfer succulents from their nursery containers into the planter box, making sure you’re leaving room along the middle to place the candles for the menorah.

Pro Tip: To prevent the succulents from rotting, try not to let plant stems touch the soil.


Add your candles and make sure the middle candle (the shamash) sits slightly higher than the rest!


Finally, wrap your gifts, put on some T-Swift and you’re ready for Friends-Mukkah!


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DIY Production and Styling: Shannon Righetti
Photography: Kurt Andre