Originally from West Africa, bogolanfini — aka mud cloth — is one of the best known African cloth traditions. It’s a handmade Malian cotton fabric dyed using fermented mud that dates back to 12th century. The textile tells a story with a pattern of lines, dots and geometric shapes, and although it is traditionally used to camouflage hunters in the wild, it’s also a gorgeous pattern that is ideal for camouflaging ugly couches and walls, in the form of stylish throw blankets and cool wall hangings. Whether you want to DIY your own story-telling pattern or you just want to pick up a few pieces for your home, you will never get tired of the crisp geometric design.

1. DIY Floor Cushions: Take the pattern to the floor with these big, comfy floor cushions that are super easy to make. They look like box cushions, but they are just regular old bed pillows stylishly camouflaged. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Mud Cloth Tablecloth ($395): Each of these tablecloths is handmade, meaning no two are ever the same, and each tells a unique story. True to tradition, these cloths are dyed with fermented mud and the pattern is drawn with soap.

3. Mud Cloth Textile ($89): Handwoven in Mali, Africa, these textile pieces are the perfect size to use as a throw blanket on the bed or couch, or to hang on the wall as a cool piece of art.

4. DIY Mud Cloth Napkins: Can’t quite splurge on that handmade tablecloth? Make your own version of mud cloth with fabric markers on dark napkins. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

5. Authentic African Mudcloth Pillow ($42): Beautifully crafted, this pillow cover is the perfect way to bring some earthy vibes into your space.

6. DIY Mud Cloth Ornaments: You’ll be dreaming about these little patterned ornaments — they’d make the perfect addition to your tree. You could also attach them to gifts as gift tags or string a bunch of them together into a garland. (via The Beautydojo)

7. Mali Chair (price on request): Talk about a party in the back. The pattern on this wingback chair is pretty special, and if you’re feeling brave, you could totally try to recreate this look with some bleach and a thrift store antique chair.

8. DIY Upholstered Bench: Make a statement in your entry way with this cool bench. Just don’t be surprised if you keep moving it to a more visible location. (via Pop Sugar)

9. Large Mud Cloth Wall Hanging ($45): Since each wall hanging is handmade, you can choose the size that is exactly perfect for your space. The fabric is also hand woven and then hand dyed, so each piece is truly a unique piece of art.

10. DIY Mudcloth Picture Frame: Head to the craft store and pick up some dark frames and white paint pens, and in less than 30 minutes, this DIY is done. (via Idle Hands Awake)

11. Black and White Floor Pillow ($350): A zipped bottom makes for easy cleaning when the white starts looking… not so white. Use it as a comfy seat or put a tray on it and use it as an improvised side table.

12. DIY Pillow: Have Sharpie, will pattern. Seriously, all you need is a permanent marker and a plain pillowcase to DIY some cool new throw pillows. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

13. Mud Cloth ($46): While it’s not the traditional mud cloth fabric, it’s forgivable in a throw blanket this soft and cozy.

14. DIY Mud Cloth Planters: The graphic lines and hand-drawn aspect of the pattern pair perfectly with bright green succulents or spiky air plants. DIY these simple mud cloth-inspired planters next time you gift a potted plant. (via Francois et Moi)

15. Mud Cloth Print ($95): Give the mud cloth a more traditional approach to wall art, and instead of hanging it as a wall textile, go for this float-mounted print on natural linen that can be hung either vertically or horizontally.

16. Mud Cloth Coasters ($45): Add a new look to your drink game and toss a pile of these cool coasters on everything from your home bar to your dinner party spread.

17. Mali Mud Cloth X Bench ($128): This mini seat folds flat for easy transport so you can use it anywhere. Take it outside and use it as a seat around an outdoor fire pit or add a tray and use it as an occasional table while you’re entertaining.

18. Happy Birthday Mud Cloth Card ($6): Only the coolest people get a birthday card featuring this pattern.

19. DIY Mud Cloth-Inspired Organizer: Take a slight variation on the black and white theme and go for something a little softer and feminine with pastel colors. (via A Bubbly Life)

20. 4040 Locust Nomas Shower Curtain ($39): Add an eclectic flair to the bathroom with this white and gray shower curtain. Sometimes all you need is a new shower curtain to give your bathroom a total makeover.

What do you think of the mud cloth pattern? Tell us which pieces are your favorite in the comments below!