Halloween is one of the most creative holidays of the year, so when you have a costume to create, a party to plan and food/drinks to fashion, there’s always a possibility that a few things can go wrong. But, hey, we celebrate the Pinterest WINS as well as the #fails. Either way, you get candy, tons of fun pictures, a killer party experience and loads of Halloween LOLs.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.02.09 PM

1. Roaring Lion: Is this not the cutest (and angriest) lion you’ve ever seen? (via @tara_bo_beara)

Chevron Pumpkin Fail

2. Chevron Pumpkin Fail: There are times when a simple DIY is too good to be true and painter’s tape doesn’t exactly do the job. No worries, there are tons of easy no-carve ideas out there. (via Eggs & Pet Hair)

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.58.46 PM

3. Not As Pictured: Sometimes you just have to accept that it’s almost never going to look like the image you pinned. (via @rosannamanda)

Fail Halloween Costume

4. Missing the Workplace Memo: It’s everyone’s worst workplace nightmare, but hey, it’s a pretty killer costume! (via @jceballos)

Fail Halloween Dog Wig

5. Rod Stewart or Lion?: “Eddie was supposed to look like a lion but instead just looks like Rod Stewart.” Either way, he’s pretty stinkin’ adorable! (via @angiewheeler)

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.34.30 PM

6. Sleepy Cat: Sometimes that spooky black cat just needs to do their own version of down dog. Namaste. (via @hybridart)

Fail Halloween Apples

7. Caramel Apple Disaster: Halloween is a time to indulge in all things sugary, but when your fruit repels the gooey caramel goodness… well, it’s just a shame. (via @tackattack)

Fail Halloween Thing 1

8. Big Hats: “So… their hats might be a little big.” They’re perfect for nap time though ;) (via @kalliejaynne)

Fail HAlloween haunted

9. Hauted Haunted House: It’s good to know that even ghosts forget to spellcheck sometimes. (via @kristinrcoleman)

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.28.24 PM

10. A Bit Too Small: Sometimes it’s hard to know which size to get for your feline friend. If you do misjudge, be a good pet owner and just take a quick snap for a #HalloweenFail. (via @winston.tacocat)

Fail Halloween Star Wars

11. Last Minute Star Wars: There’s nothing wrong with waiting until the last minute to throw a costume together. But they may want to put some wheels on R2D2 if they plan on heading out anywhere. (via Imgur)

Fail Halloween Starburst

12. Starburst Disappointment: Depending on how early you start trick-or-treating, the good candy disappears pretty early. That leaves behind all of the candy that no one really wants. Black licorice, yellow Starbursts and peppermints, we’re looking at you. (via @apbeard)

Fail Halloween Puppy

13. Gentlemen Prefer Dogs: We’re not so sure that this little guy likes his costume, but his collar makes for a great statement necklace. (via Reddit)

Fail Halloween Babies

14. Photo Op Fail: Babies can be pretty unpredictable, but it doesn’t make this picture any less adorable. (via @jillmawer)

Fail Halloween Pumpkin Carving

15. No Carve: Any serious pumpkin carver will tell you that this happens all the time. Hopefully she wasn’t in the middle of a killer carving job. (via @the_ghost_of_andrea)

Fail Halloween Chicken

16. A Fowl Costume: There’s nothing cuter than a well-executed pet costume, but this chick does not look too thrilled to partake in the Halloween festivities. (via Ba-Gawks)

Fail Halloween Pumpkin Toothbrush

17. Carving Fail: Any pumpkin carver will also tell you that it’s pretty tough to eyeball a design before you get to cutting. (via Britt Lauck)

Fail Halloween Terrifying Kid

18. Scary Clown: There are cute kid costumes, scary kid costumes, and then cute costumes that end up being a little terrifying. We’re pretty sure the kid is responsible for more than a few clown phobias. But hey, they probably scored some serious candy! (via Slice)

Fail Halloween Spiders

19. Nailed It: Pinterest is responsible for so many high expectations cut short. For example, these spider cookies probably should have cooled a little longer before decorating. Luckily, they’re probably just as delicious. (via No Way Girl)

Fail Halloween Pumpkin

20. Halloween Is Done: Our jack-o’-lanterns always seem to know that Halloween is over. Next time, maybe opt for a no-carve that will last through November? (via @simplysg)

Any Halloween fails you’d care to divulge? Photos of costumes gone terribly wrong? Share your Halloween LOLs in the comments!