In between planning the best spooky get-together, perfecting your signature witches’ brew and transforming your Netflix queue into a scary movie must-watch list, Halloween is a fun and potentially time-consuming holiday. And then sometimes life just gets in the way and those elaborately awesome costume plans fall by the wayside. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Have no fear! These last-minute Halloween costumes are perfect for all you Halloween procrastinators out there.

1. Step Brothers: When you *really* get into character, costumes actually kinda come second. Bust out your best Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly impressions with your bestie bro or sis. (via Brit + Co)

2. Princess Leia: All you need is an all-white outfit and the best. Buns. EVER. (via Brit + Co)

3. Waldo from Where’s Waldo?: This adorbs and hipster-friendly costume is one of our faves. You can literally DIY in minutes with some black frames, a red-and-white striped jumper, and a red knit beanie.

4. Fanta Girls: Totally fashionable on-the-fly. Have white go-go boots, will costume partayyy! (via Brit + Co)

5. Rainbow Barf Facepaint: Some creative Halloween face paint makes any last-minute costume look fab. Choose your fave Snapchat filter look and prepare to paint the town rainbow.

6. DIY Pirate: This simple pirate ensemble is arr-guably easy to recreate. Throw it on and shake that pirate booty! (via Brit + Co)

7. Roaring ’20s: The ’20s are back, and so is our favorite hair hack: the Faux Bob! A headband and some fringed and fabulous wardrobe items are all you need for this party-ready, stylish look. (via Brit + Co)


8. When Life Gives You Lemons: We’ve heard it said before, and this Halloween, you can actually walk-the-walk too! Be a walking proverb this Halloween with this pun-ny costume! (Photo via BuzzFeed/The Not Vanilla)


9. Billy the Puppet: This is an eerily detailed female-version of the terrifying puppet from Saw. Even if you haven’t seen the film, this is a guaranteed way to creep people out all night long. (Photo via Deviant Art/Jurisdictia)


10. Girl With The Pearl Earring: Infuse some culture into your Halloween this year by channeling one of Vermeer’s most famous paintings. This is an impressive look-alike costume to the original, and it can be done with just a few simple items! (Photo via The House That Lars Built)

11. Emoji Girl: All it takes is a simple pink v-neck and you’ve got yourself the makings of this emoji girl’s costume. She has great poses to choose from throughout the night!

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12. Morton Salt Girl and Steve Jobs: The Morton Salt Girl costume is surprisingly original and easy to re-create, just turn to your trusty kitchen pantry for guidance. And as for Steve Jobs, here’s what has to be the easiest DIY costume for guys, ever!

Happy Halloween from... The spice rack. @voyagerclothingco #lastminutehalloween

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13. Spice Rack: Of course, there’s always a resident goofball who’s willing to take pun-ny costumes to the next level! This take on the spice rack will bring the LOL’s all night long.

1996 me would love 2015 me right about now. #nerdalert #lastminutehalloween

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14. Madeleine: This is an adorable homage to one of our beloved childhood characters, Madeleine! If you don’t have red hair, you can easily improvise with a red neck-tie and ribbon on your hat.


15. Angel & Devil: So you won’t get any brownie points for creativity on this classic Halloween go-to costume, but it’s super easy to pull-off! Halloween night wouldn’t be the same without spotting an angel or devil around, anyway. (Photo via We Heart It)


16. Cat Costume Muscle Tank Top (sold out): A centaur is a half man, half horse. A mermaid is half man, half fish. And a half cat, half human? Well that’s you, of course. This particular shirt is sold out, but that’s nothing a little iron-on print DIY can’t handle.


17. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ($16): A cute crop top is all you need to go, go power ranger. So, grab this cute shirt and morph-away!


18. Wes Anderson Character: Harness that inner overachiever with your very own version of Rushmore Preparatory School’s finest. Take it to the next level by partnering up with your own Herman Blume or Rosemary Cross. (Photo via Lonny)


19. Princess Emoji Time: Who wouldn’t mind wearing a crown all night? The hardest part of the costume is keeping a straight face! (Photo via Brit + Co)


20. Dancing Girls Emoji Costume: It’s never a bad time to rep your bestie status, right? Of course, you and your fellow blonde BFF could just be those foxy dancing girls. (Photo via Brit + Co)


21. The Emoji Ghost: Ahh, the pirate ghost emoji — one of our all-time favorites. The tongue is just too absurd. (Photo via Brit + Co)


22. Hansel and Zoolander: Both of these guys deserve an Oscar for getting these costumes so spot on. If you’re going as Zoolander, make sure to spend a solid hour perfecting that “Blue Steel” look. (Photo via Imgarcade)


23. Bill Lumbergh: Mm, ya, if you could just dress up as this for Halloween that’d be great. Go full office-themed this Halloween by using these glasses as the hated boss from Office Space one night and The Office’s Dwight Schrute the next. We’re guessing you’ll probably get a lot more love for the looks than the fictional characters do. (Photo via Lol Riot)


24. Bro Emoji: This might just be the simplest of emoji DIY-costumes. Grab a friend and be our favorite texting buddies IRL this Halloween with this super easy look. (Photo via Brit + Co)


25. Rosie the Riveter Costume: All you need is that chambray shirt, a red bandana, and our super easy 10-minute hair tutorial to rock Rosie right. Memorize that simple pose for all your Halloween pictures! (Photo via Brit + Co)


26. Juno: Juno! This is just one of many of our maternity costume ideas for dressing up your bump this Halloween. This costume even works if you aren’t expecting. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Robber

27. Robber: Grab a few of your fall wardrobe staples, throw on a masquerade mask, and voila! Instant badass robber status is achieved. (Photo via Brit + Co)


28. Halloween Mask DIY: Do you have an awesome new outfit that you’d rather wear instead of a costume? Is HR a little strict when it comes to Halloween? Keep it memorable and minimal with any of these Halloween mask DIYs. (Photo via Brit + Co)

29. Ventriloquist Doll: A little overwhelmed with all of the crazy Halloween makeup out there? This tutorial is perfect for a makeup novice and looks just as dramatic. (Photo via Slashed Beauty)

Last MInute Blue Gold Dress

30. The Mystery Dress: This dress debate definitely caused a stir. Grab your bestie and keep the confusion alive all night long. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Bowie

31. Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane: This David Bowie album should be in everyone’s collection. And his iconic cover look should also have a reserved spot on everyone’s Halloween costume bucket list. (Photo via Nasty Gal)

Last Minute Cara D

32. Cara Delevingne: Admit it — you’ve been coveting Cara D’s effortlessly fun style for quite some time. Channel your inner Cara this Halloween with a backwards cap, punny shirt, and brows for days. (Photo via Refinery 29)

Last Minute Bumblebee

33. Bumblebee: Those stripes in your closet are a little more versatile than you think. Grab your favorite striped skirt and a yellow top for an instant bee costume. (Photo via The Girls With Glasses)

Last Minute Bunny Ears

34. Bunny Ears: Don’t want to mess with all of the Halloween makeup this year? Keep it sweet and simple and don these bunny ears instead. It’s a perfect costume for work and is super easy to remove at the end of the day/night. (Photo via Say Yes)

Last Minute Cactus

35. Cactus: Believe it or not, this costume only calls for four materials. It’s a great choice for the procrastinator that wants to look just as fun as everyone else. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Carmen

36. Carmen Sandiego: Don’t put your summer maxis away just yet — you’re going to need one to channel your favorite mystery gal from the ’90s. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Chinese Takeout

37. Takeout Night: A t-shirt that doubles as a costume? This is every procrastinator’s dream! (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Clockwork

38. Alex from Clockwork Orange: Don’t become intimidated by all of the makeup and costume tutorials out there. You can achieve Alex’s look with this simple tutorial right before heading out the door. (Photo via Craftriver)

Last Minute Cookoo

39. Cuckoo Clock: Get a little creepy and kooky with this fabulous DIY. And don’t forget the bird up top! (Photo via The Merrythought)

Last Minute Audrey

40. Holly Golightly (Night): Chances are, you already have a couple of LBDs hanging in your closet. Add a couple of accessories and you’re all set for this classically cool costume. (Photo via Brit + Co)

LAst Minute Creepy Crawly

41. Tim Burton-Inspired Spider Kiss: Pay tribute to your favorite creepy director with this Tim Burton-inspired costume. (Photo via Fashionising)

Last Minute Crown

42. Birthday (and Halloween) Crown: Making these for a birthday is pretty darn adorable, but fashioning up some crowns for Halloween ain’t half bad either. Follow this super easy DIY and you’ll be feeling like Halloween royalty in no time. (Photo via DesignLoveFest)


43. Mr. and Mrs. Fox: Wes Anderson made us fall in love with this Roald Dahl classic all over again. If you don’t have time to fashion an entire foxy ensemble, a simple mask or two should do the trick. (Photo via A Beautiful Mess)

Last Minute Feather Boa

44. Feather Boa Wig: Who knew that feather boas were so versatile?! These fun and easy DIYs will have you creating wigs in no time. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Creepy Sunglasses

45. Creepy Crawly Glasses: Who needs an entire costume when your glasses can do all the work for you? Whip up these creepy crawly shades and don an all-black ensemble for dramatic effect. And if black lipstick isn’t your thing, we totally wouldn’t shy away from a matte red lip instead. (Photo via Martha Stewart)

Last Minute Gold Headband

46. Flapper: Put your slinky date night dress to some good use and whip up this quick DIY. A party at Gatsby’s awaits! (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Googly Eyes

47. Googly Eyes: If you are looking for something big and dramatic for Halloween photo time, these googly eye balloons would make for some great party decor and a costume photo prop! (Photo via Studio DIY)

Last Minute Grace Kelly

48. Grace Kelly: Channel this classic star/princess with an easy-to-follow tutorial. (Photo via Babble)

Last Minute Gray Lady

49. Lady Gray: This grayscale makeup is totally mind blowing, and such an interesting way to reinvent a vintage costume. (Photo via Beautylish)

Last Minute Guess Who

50. Guess Who? Costume: Revisit your favorite board game with your S.O. or group of friends. (Photo via Huffington Post)

Last Minute Hangover

51. A Halloween Hangover: Beat your actual hangover with this t-shirt/costume. Sunglasses and a large bottle of Gatorade are also musts. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Holly Golightly

52. Holly Golightly: TBH, there will probably be quite a few Holly Golightlys out on Halloween night. But this just-woke-up Holly G. costume is just as sexy (and hey, you get to wear pajamas in public, so it’s kind of a win-win situation.) (Photo via In Honor of Design)

Last Minute Instagram

53. Instagram Feed: It’s not a stretch to say that we’ll be checking our Instas on Halloween to check out everyone else’s costume. Why not take it a step further and dress as your favorite app? All you need is a poster board! (Photo via Thirty Handmade Days)

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54. Alternative Lace Mask: This may look like a seriously tough tutorial, but it’s ridiculously easy and totally striking. (Photo via Free People)

Last Minute Llama

55. Alpaca Costume ($60): Any costume that doubles as pajamas is always a yes. This alpaca costume is completely cute and will definitely come in handy on those cold winter nights.

Last Minute Makeup

56. Kabuki Makeup: Some on-point makeup and an all-black ensemble are the best one can do when they find themselves in a costume pinch. (via Alice in Tokyo)

Last Minute Mama Bird

57. Mama and Baby Bird: Need a cute mommy + me costume idea? These birds of a feather are definitely looking adorable together. (Photo via Lovely Indeed)

Last Minute Mary Poppins

58. Mary Poppins: This MP costume is easy and totally authentic. Bonus points for carrying a spoonful of sugar. (Photo via Say Yes)

59. Mime: If you keep your makeup routine simple, you’re going to love this tutorial. (via YouTube)

Last Minute Mouse Ears

60. Lacey Mouse: This edgy spin on a childhood favorite is totally work-safe and a great choice for dressing up on the go. (Photo via Honestly WTF)

Last Minute Owls

61. Owls: If you have some old glasses laying around (or just want to update yours for the night), this DIY can be done an hour before heading out for the night. (Photo via Emmy in the Making)

Last Minute Pennsatucky

62. Pennsatucky: This terrifying character would make for an amazing costume choice. Follow along with this tutorial to scare the hell out of people in no time. (Photo via Refinery 29)

Last Minute PopTart

63. Pop Tart: Pay tribute to your favorite breakfast pastry with this super easy-to-create Pop Tart ensemble. (Photo via Paper & Stitch)

Last Minute Sally Seashells

64. Sally Sells Seashells by the Seashore: This tongue-tying costume is guaranteed to have everyone giggling all night. Good luck telling everyone your costume 10 times fast. (Photo via The House Lars Built)

Last Minute Shrimp Cocktail

65. Shrimp Cocktail: Who doesn’t love a good punny costume? This is bound to be one costume that your friends will never forget. (Photo via Yatzer)

Last Minute Spider Cape

66. Spider: You don’t have to be a sewing expert to create this spidery cape. Just break out the scissors and get to cutting. (Photo via Delia Creates)

spiderweb legging

67. Spiderweb Leggings ($20): Sometimes you just gotta place an order and have it overnighted. These spider leggings would look fab with an all-black ensemble and red lipstick, don’t you think?

Last Minute Taylor Squad

68. Taylor Swift and Her Squad: Because we’ve all experienced a little squad envy when it comes to T. Swift and her girl gang. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Wednesday

69. Wednesday Addams: Everyone should dress as Wednesday Addams for Halloween at least once. And the little black dress that you already own is begging you to go for it this year. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Wet Hot

70. Wet Hot American Summer: You were psyched to see the reboot on Netflix and now it’s time to pay tribute with a costume. The only problem is deciding which character to dress up as. (Photo via Brit + Co)

Last Minute Wind Up Doll

71. Wind-Up Doll: This creepy-but-cute costume keeps the makeup and hair simple, making it ideal for getting dressed quickly and heading out for the night. (Photo via Clover & Dot)

Last Minute Annie Hall

72. Annie Hall: Diane Keaton reinvented menswear with this iconic role. Fly solo for a look that’s instantly recognizable or round up your own Woody Allen for the night. (Photo via This Time Tomorrow)

73. Siouxie Sioux: Admit it: You’ve always wanted to put those brushes to use and emulate Siouxie’s iconic look. (Photo via Mr Ralphie’s Madhouse)

Last Minute Karl

74. Karl Lagerfield: Dress as the godfather of fashion this Halloween. Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring a stuffed Choupette to the party. (Photo via Refinery 29)

Last Minute Dolly

75. Dolly Parton: This costume may not call for heavy rhinestoned suits, but the high hair and chambray combination screams old-school Dolly. (Photo via The Girl With Glasses)


76. Georgia O’Keefe: Learn how to recreate the oversized poppy, gray hair, and everything else in this gorgeous step-by-step tutorial. (Photo via The House Lars Built)

Parisian LAst Minute

77. French Girl: You probably have most of these pieces in your closet, so why not put them to work? (Photo via Brit + Co)

78. Hatchetface, Cry-Baby: You can probably recreate Hatchetface’s look with your eyes closed (no offense, HF). (via YouTube)


79. Raven Suzy, Moonrise Kingdom: What kind of bird are you? This year, nix the false eyelashes and heavy makeup and go with a few lines of face paint and an all-black getup. (Photo via Becuo)

Lars And the Real Girl

80. Lars & The Real Girl: This hilarious costume calls for items that you probably already own. To really get into character, make sure you act super stiff all night. (Photo via Sugar & Cloth)

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