Sure, Halloween is one of the most DIYable holidays of the year — there are Halloween costumes to make, Halloween food and CANDY to prep and Halloween parties to throw — but sometimes after all the planning (showoffs!), you’re pooped when it comes down to something like decorating pumpkins. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the festive decor completely (only come to terms with the fact you won’t be chowin’ down on those delicious pumpkin seeds this season). Whether you’re a busy girl, part of a family looking to start a new tradition or simply *forgot* to pick up carving knives at your local store, we’ve compiled a mother load of no-carve pumpkin ideas for you to make this holiday. Scroll through for 64 colorful + creative ideas you can pull off with just the DIY supplies you probably already have laying around your home.

1. Sequin Dot Pumpkin: Polka dots are always cute, but sequin polka dots are always better ;) (via Sugar & Cloth)

2. Decoupage Pumpkin: This has to be one of the prettiest ways to style a pumpkin. You just need some Mod Podge + fun paper! (via Brit + Co)

3. Gold Leaf Patterned Pumpkin: Yes, you can add a chic touch to your decor with a *pumpkin*. (via Brit + Co)

4. Frozen‘s Elsa Pumpkin: Every pumpkin should know what it’s like to be a Disney princess. (via A Pumpkin & a Princess)

5. Glitter-Dipped Pumpkin: Bring on the glam and the glitter. Don’t forget you can mix different metallic glitters and get super sparkly effect. (via Brit + Co)

6. Rainbow Confetti Pumpkin: Rainbow confetti brings a cheery vibe to this white pumpkin. Such a cute way to add some color! (via Made With Happy)

7. Cactus Pumpkin: Bet not a lot of people would expect to see a cactus pumpkin on your doorstep. These are super simple to DIY and are a major conversation starter. (via Aww, Sam)

8. Sugar Skull Pumpkin: Add these colorful creations to your next Halloween party decor and get ready for compliments. (via Brit + Co)

9. Colored Tissue Paper Pumpkin: If you’re crafty (which you *are*), you prob already have everything you need to create these colorful pumpkins. (via Fresh American Style)

10. Galaxy Art Pumpkin: We wish all galaxy nebula looked as pretty as this pumpkin. (via The Swell Designer)

11. Bright Brad Pumpkin: Who said office supplies can’t double as creative pumpkin decor? Someone who’s never seen this masterpiece, THAT’S WHO. (via A Subtle Revelry)

12. Oil Pastel Colored Pumpkin: How gorgeous are these?! They actually look like art. (via Aunt Peaches)

13. Bright Ombre Pumpkin: Let’s be honest — your pumpkin should not miss out on the ombre trend. (via The Daily Quirk)

14. Drip Art Pumpkin: Another pumpkin project fit for a kid, these are literally impossible to mess up. The more color layers, the cooler they’ll turn out. (via Yahoo Makers)

15. Glitter Pumpkin: A little gold glitter only makes things better — trust us. (via Nest of Posies)

16. Thumbtack Message Pumpkin: Say it with *gold thumbtacks.* All spooky words are welcome. (via CountryLiving)

17. Golden Doily Pumpkin: The design on these doilies is vintage-y and pretty, while the gold takes it to the next level. (via 17 Apart)

18. Sprinkle Silhouette Pumpkin: Sweeten things up with a colorful, fun touch — sprinkles! Create any silhouette your heart desires. (via A Joyful Riot)

19. Gold Confetti-Dipped Pumpkin: These pumpkins were *meant* to be seen. (via Popsugar)

20. Grumpy Cat Pumpkin: Because Grumpy Cat deserves to be part of your Halloween decor. (via @pinkishlypink)

21. Pumpkin Stack: Basically, you’re creating a totem pole of pumpkins, which is awesome. (via Brit + Co)

22. + 23. Chic Pumpkins: Black and white stripes give this pumpkin instant chicness, while gold studs are an insanely simple way to add a touch of style to a pumpkin. (via Brit + Co)

24. Fruit Basket Pumpkin: Think of these as a gentle reminder to trick-or-treaters to not eat TOO much candy ;) (via Hey, Let’s Make Stuff)

25. Spikey, Studded Pumpkin: This is as close to a rock star pumpkin as you can get. (via The Happy Tulip)

26. Marbled Pumpkin: Best thing about this marbling technique is that no two pumpkins will be the same. (via Momdot)

27. Emoji Pumpkin: Choose an emoji, any emoji… and get ready for some serious laughs. (via Brit + Co)

28. Spiderweb Pumpkin: This is the definition of pretty-scary. The glittery sheen really makes it eye-catching. (via Freutcake)

29. Glitzy Monogrammed Pumpkin: This is not your average pumpkin — it’s classy, glitzy and a cool way to add a monogram to your Halloween decor. (via Unoriginal Mom)

30. Neon Paint-Dipped Pumpkin: Brighten up the night with a punchy, neon color on some pumpkins. These are great to do with kids — they can have fun flipping them over and watching the paint drip into a cool design. (via A Night Owl)

31. Hipster Pumpkin: These are so simple to make and are really funny. Have fun with different hipster-approved accessories! (via @prettyprovident)

32. Candy Pumpkin: Peppermints and jelly beans make great snacks, but also great embellishments for a pumpkin. Think about what other designs you could make with different candy. (via BuzzFeed Life)

33. Lace Pumpkin: Add a slightly goth but still-pretty vibe to your Halloween decorations this year. (via Honestly WTF)

34. Ice Cream Cone Pumpkin: This is co clever and cute. Bring some sweetness to your front doorstep! (via Martha Stewart)

35. Chain Ghost Pumpkin: That guy has gotta be the trendiest ghost ever. Who’d expect to see that on a pumpkin, anyway? Super unique. (via Lacquer and Linen)

36. Cinderella-Themed Pumpkin: If this won’t make your kid happy (and the inner kid in you), we don’t know what will. (via @katlynparker21)

37. Gratitude Pumpkin: Only good vibes come from this pumpkin. Write what means the most to you. (via One Artsy Mama)

38. Gold Leaf Splatter Pumpkin: This design makes it look like a pumpkin was your drop cloth when you were creating a really rad painting. (via Suite One Studio)

39. Copper Striped Pumpkin: Just a touch of copper takes these little pumpkins from 0 to 100 real quick. (via Homey Oh My!)

40. Beach Ball Pumpkin: Even though it’s getting chilly out, hang on to summer vibes with this cute beach ball pumpkin. (via Paint the Gown Red)

41. Splatterware Pumpkin: The blue and white are not your typical Halloween colors, so this pumpkin is a fresh spin on the typical holiday decor. (via CountryLiving)

42. Marker-Drawn Owl Pumpkin: This owl looks more crafty than creepy, right? Switch up the colors so it works with your home’s vibe. (via @arkography)

43. Fabric-Painted Pumpkin: You can double up and use these as Thanksgiving decor, too. Get some fabric paint in colors that remind you of fall. (via A Beautiful Mess)

44. Hudson Bay Blanket Pumpkin: This pumpkin is classic-meets-cool and would be cool decor year round. (via CountryLiving)

45. Doodled Pumpkin: We love this wooden design, but you can really do anything with a permanent marker + a pumpkin. Add kitten for extra cuteness. (via Cosmopolitan)

46. Gilded Words Pumpkin: This is the time to test your handwriting skills. You might want to practice first! It’s worth it in the end because the result is SO pretty. (via @cautiouslyobsessed)

47. Silhouette Pumpkin: Go for an old-school black and white pumpkin this year. It’s a really cool take on the classic Victorian silhouette. (via @sarah_702parkproject)

48. Message on a Pumpkin: Let the pumpkins do the talking for you. (via George Street Photo & Video)

49. Caterpillar Pumpkin: The more pumpkins, the better/longer your caterpillar will be! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

50. Wrecking Ball Pumpkin: This pumpkin came in like a wrecking ball ;) (via Cool Pumpkin Designs)

51. Mustache Pumpkin: These pumpkins mustache you a question. Why are you not using mustaches on your pumpkin yet? (via Annilygreen)

52. Mickey Mouse Pumpkin: This unmistakable character also makes for a really cute pumpkin. Who knew? (via Meowchie’s Hideout)

53. Decoupage Leaf Pumpkin: Nature can totally be inspo for your pumpkin decorating this year, BTW. (via Huffington Post)

54. Monsters Inc. Pumpkin: Set this one up on your front steps so the legs hang down and he looks like he’s hanging out. (via Hative)

55. Mummy Pumpkin: Just wrap this guy up and he’ll be all set. Add on some eyes and make him even creepier. (via Better Homes & Gardens)

56. Stairwell Surprise Pumpkins: Spell out a word like BOO, HALLOWEEN or TRICK OR TREAT on pumpkins and then place them on your staircase, front porch or windowsill. (via CountryLiving)

57. Minions Pumpkin: Choose your favorite Minion and get painting. Googley eyes are key. (via ParentMap)

58. Creepy Eyeball Pumpkin: If you think about it, a pumpkin is actually the perfect shape to make a super creepy eyeball. (via BuzzFeed Life)

59. Hello Kitty Pumpkin: Make sure she’s wearing a Halloween-themed hat for this one! (via BuzzFeed Life)

60. Chalkboard Pumpkin: Break out your chalkboard paint and get ready to doodle. (via CountryLiving)

61. Cross-Stitched Pumpkin: Get ready to use your needle and thread in an entirely new way. (via CountryLiving)

62. Photo Collage Pumpkin: Your pumpkin decor can be sentimental this year. Make everyone who sees it say, “Awww.” (via Sugar and Charm)

63. Tangled Web Pumpkin: See how many times you can wrap cotton twine around a pumpkin, but make sure your spider has room to crawl! (via BuzzFeed Life)

64. Pop Culture Pumpkin: A Britney Spears-themed pumpkin would be epic. Just saying… (via @jettsmommy19)

Which no-carve pumpkin is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Additional reporting by Sarah Landrum + Cinnamon Janzer