We are deeply in love with tassels and fringe lately. All those macrame wall hangings, creative wall art and tassel necklaces simply stole our hearts. So, when I spotted this beauty on ASOS, I got inspired and immediately found myself digging in my closet for an old bikini top to revamp. Here I am, after less than 15 minutes, ready to wear my brand new top and get to the beach!


Materials and Tools:

– bandeau bikini top

– old tee or top

– needle and thread

– scissors



1. Take your old top and use your scissors to cut strips of fabric that are approximately eight inches long.

2. Repeat until you have 24 strips.

3. Thread your needle and sew two strips together. Then affix them to the bikini top by stitching them to the bottom on the back side of the suit.

4. Repeat Step 3 until you reach the end of the bikini top. You should now have all your strip pairs sewn in place.

5. Take a strip from one pair and a strip from the pair directly to the right, and twist them once.

6. Then tie a small knot right underneath the twist.

7. Repeat with the other strips and ta-da! You’re done.


First cut 24 strips of fabric from your old top. Don’t worry about being super precise — just be sure they are all more or less eight inches long. Then hand-stitch two strips together.


Stitch them to the bottom edge of the bikini top. Repeat with all the other pieces of fabric. At this point, take two strings, twist them as shown in the picture above and then make a knot. Repeat until you reach the end of the bikini top. Done and done! You’re ready to wear your brand new top ;)


Pop on your fave pair of sunnies and you’re ready for a beach weekend!


Have you ever hacked a bikini? What’s your favorite technique? Tell us in the comments below.