We know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but considering you choose the clothes and accessories you wear every day as a way to express your personality or point of view, it’s sometimes difficult not to. It’s especially hard not to read more into a look when the gawk-worthy thing your styling is something as outfit-elevating as sunglasses. Yep, your seasonal eyewear says a lot more about you than you think, and since you’ll be wearing shades pretty constantly throughout these next summer months, we thought we’d reveal what your sunglasses really say about you.


We’ve already walked you through what shades styles fit your face shape best, so think of this fun little guide as a way to learn more about your personal style leanings, or even as inspo to influence your current vibe. Want to add even more sartorial street cred to your look? Or maybe you want to wear your party girl proclivity right there on your sleeve — err, face? Scroll through to see which style of sunglasses is right for you.

Wayfarer-Style for the Party Girl


About You: You get along with everyone, which explains why you’ve *actually* hung out with your hundreds of Facebook friends IRL. You’re always up for a game of Flip Cup, and while throwback songs are your jam, you’ve got a Spotify playlist for every kind of possible dance party cued up, because there’s never a bad time to drop a beat.

These Are Your PIC Sunnies Because: Of the way they work with every pattern, color and print under the sun.


On Anj: Sunski Dipseas Emerald Tortoise ($55)

Semi-Rimless for the Hipster Girl


About You: The only thing that outnumbers your second-hand record collection is your salvaged denim stash. While you’ve been known to indulge in a certain three-lettered brew, you’d never order whiskey at a bar, and you currently take all of your fashion pointers from ’90s coming-of-age flicks (think: front-tie button-ups from Now and Then).

These Are Your PIC Sunnies Because: Their effortlessly cool air balances out your polished red lips like a dream.


On Cortney: Zerouv Half-Framed Horned Rim Sunglasses ($11)

Round Frames for the Fashion Girl


About You: You belong to the cult of crop tops, and like magic, you make it — like any other trend — work regardless if it’s a sweltering summer day or in the dead of winter; on the weekends or on-duty. You build in a weekly mani budget because your digits take quite the beating from #OOTD snaps + digging through the goods at sample shopping sprees.

These Are Your PIC Sunnies Because: They’re chic statement-makers, why else?


On Alexis: Elizabeth and James Wooster ($185)

Oversized for the Glamour Girl


About You: While you worship at the shrine of Beyoncé, you just can’t even when it comes to claiming you #wokeuplikethis — your relationship with your curling iron just runs too deep. Your living space is floor-to-ceiling white, except for the rose gold candle holders that set a luxurious mood perfect for catching up on e-reading in your kimono and lounge romper.

These Are Your PIC Sunnies Because: Like your hair, they’re big and fabulous.


On Angela: Preen Norwich in Tortoise ($230)

Heart-Shaped for the Wild Girl


About You: To you, Coachella is a state of mind: you go about your days dancing to the songs you sing in your head, plus, you were DIY-ing flower crowns long before they became a festival must-have. You #tbt all of your fave caught-on-Insta dares, and for those down-for-anything moments you didn’t catch on cam, you have the tattoos to prove it.

These Are Your PIC Sunnies Because: Like the fringe and feathers you rock on the regular, they add yet another eclectic touch.


On Misty: Urban Outfitters Double-Dare Heart Sunglasses ($10)

Cat Eyes for the Cool Girl


About You: You were born knowing how to draw on a perfect cat eye, and you eschew tumblr for the kinds of print magazines they sell in modern art museum gift shops. You never leave home without your leather jacket, and are basically a walking, taking Yelp for all things up-and-coming.

These Are Your PIC Sunnies Because: They have that good-girl-gone-bad vintage touch that’s too irresistible to pass up.


On Marisa: Quay Kitty Shades Matte Black ($40)

Flat Tops for the Sporty Girl


About You: You lived in I-can’t-believe-those-are-cute sweatpants long before athleisure was a thing. You make your friends take the stairs because you’d always rather be at the gym, but you can hang like a champion, too. You’re a self-proclaimed froyo obsessive and have the spunk and sincerity of a SoulCycle instructor.

These Are Your PIC Sunnies Because: Their aerodynamic design gives you major sprint star vibes.


On Ashley: Ksubi Baronn in Granite Tortoise ($160)

Aviators for the Classic Girl


About You: You consider polka dots to be a neutral, and you totally own the fact that even all these years later, Tommy Girl is still your favorite perfume. You spend your weekends baking recipes from your Pintrest boards (for your boo that night, neighbors the next + co-workers that Monday) and have sorority house-levels of team spirit.

These Are Your PIC Sunnies Because: With mirrored lenses, this familiar shape adds the playful pop-of-color you always look for in an accessory.


On Alicia: Ray-Ban Gold Brown RB 3025 Aviator Large Metal ($170)

What sunglasses match your personality best? Tell us which style you wear in the comments below!