You know all about multi-tasking breakfast gadgets, but who knew toasters were getting so much attention in the world of innovation? As any carb-loving human knows, toasters are key to making everything from sandwiches to Pop Tarts. But, isn’t it crazy they haven’t changed much over the years? Strap on your seatbelts, toaster fans: here are five totally unusual toaster concepts that made us look.

1. The Image Toaster: First up, the Image Toaster. Inspired by the somewhat infamous piece of toast that looked like Jesus, this contraption can search Google for a random image related to today’s date, and then burns said image onto your toast. What!? Just make sure to keep that SafeSearch filter on!

2. Transparent Glass Toaster: We can’t find a great source for who created this concept, but we’re digging the modern, minimal vibe of this transparent glass toaster. It’s a great way to make sure you get the perfect amount of toastedness without burning your bread to a crisp.

3. The Only Radio Toaster: Okay, okay, this is kind of like the “Anti-Jetsons Toaster,” but that’s why it’s so cool! Though this was on sale at one point on good old Hammacher Schlemmer, it seems that you can now only find it used on Amazon. While we like the concept of listening to the morning’s news while eating breakfast, it seems like radio waves and heat should probably not be so intimately involved. If anything, we recommend buying this as a cool, retro display piece. You can also use it as a talking point when you try to teach your children what radios are (we will always cherish this dying art).

4. Printing Your Toast: This toaster is a printer! Well, sort of. It doesn’t print images, but it has a similar tray system and would look right at home at your desk… assuming you really like to eat toast while you work. Now if only it could also print butter and jam…

5. NES Toaster: Gotta get our geek points in here somewhere! We’re kind of in love with the concept of turning an old Nintendo console into a toaster, even though it doesn’t make a ton of sense. Remember to blow in it if it stops working for some reason. #childrenofthe90s

What do you think of these non-traditional toasters? Totally wacky or pretty interesting? Seen any other futuristic takes on everyday gadgets? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.