Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or more commonly known as “ASMR,” is the latest social media and YouTube trend, full of people whispering, cutting up soap, and eating a large amount of food (try #asmreating). The common goal is to make you feel that tingly feeling on the back of your neck that comes from things like a knife scratching a plate or nails on a chalkboard, only from more pleasant things. ASMR videos are said to relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia. However, ASMR can be fun for all! How can a video of someone methodically destroying a bar of soap not be relaxing? If you have a friend who has sent you a calming video of some sort, here are 12 gifts to let them live out their ASMR dreams IRL.

1. Kimkoo Vibrating Head Massager ($9): The tingling sensation your ASMR-obsessed friend is craving is bound to be achieved from this head massager.

2. LBell Ocean/Nature Sounds Light Projector ($20): This mesmerizing light projector has a USB port to allow you to plug in your own music, so you can enjoy as many tapping videos as your heart desires. But if nature is more your speed, it also comes with four different ocean and nature sounds. Because what’s more soothing than branches cracking and waves crashing?

3. URPOWER Ultrasonic Air Humidifier ($22): The bubbling sound of this humidifier and the soothing scents it releases will not only lull you to sleep but also tickle the back of your neck.

4. Anjou Essential Oils Kit ($14): These oils are perfect for your diffuser, but they’re also multifunctional in the world of ASMR. LauraLemurex ASMR shared a video to YouTube that showed the unboxing of the oils. Be sure to enjoy the sounds of the sleeve sliding off and the tapping of the oil bottles together before actually using them.

5. SleepPhones Bluetooth Headphones ($100): Take the satisfying sounds of ASMR one step further with these warm headband-style Bluetooth phones and fall asleep to whatever sounds you like (we suggest rolling marbles).

6. Perler Beads ($17): While some might find these beads perfect for crafts and making fun fridge magnets, an ASMR fan will enjoy sticking their hand in the jar, rolling the 11,000 beads between their fingers, and listening to the sound the beads make as they land back in the bucket. An added bonus is that they also glow in the dark.

7. Lazy Palms Fizzing Bath Bombs ($17): Give these to someone to use with or without a bath. Your friend can enjoy the fizzing sound as a bath bomb connects with water or they can crush one into little pieces… and then drop it in a tub later.

8. Verona Summer Gel Bead Eye Mask and Neck ($24): One function for this mask would be to stick it in the fridge until it’s cool and then place it on your face or neck to relax. Another (ASMR) function might be to take it out of the freezer and listen to the relaxing sounds of the gel beads cracking and coming back to room temperature between your fingers.

9. Yovanpur Peel Off Face Mask and Brush ($9): Yes, this charcoal mask is great for your skin. But the feeling of brushing the mask onto your face and the sensation of peeling it off will definitely give you goosebumps.

10. ESSENSON DIY Slime Kit ($21): This is the slime kit to end all slime kits. It comes with premade slime and all the mix-ins of any ASMR person’s dream: foam beads, real beads, glitter… the list goes on. ASMR or not, this is a perfect DIY gift all around.

11. Stress Relieving Coloring Book ($17): From the pencils scratching and tapping against the paper to the sound of the pages turning, coloring is one of the most relaxing forms of ASMR. This coloring book kit comes with pencils and envelopes, so your friend can send you their beautiful coloring creations when they’re done (assuming they don’t end up just flipping the pages back and forth).

12. Kshion Chunky Knit Blanket ($35): Sleeping with this blanket is already dreamy, and for your touchy-feely ASMR friend, it will be pure heaven. They can slide their hands through the large knit openings or simply feel its soft wool as they fall asleep.

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