We know you鈥檙e thankful for ros茅 chocolate and celeb-approved DIY looks, not to mention donut-eating deer and hidden Hawaiian jungle waterslides. If, like us, you鈥檙e also wildly thankful that the gang from Stars Hollow is returning for the reboot, we have another Gilmore-related reason for you to be thankful this Thanksgiving 鈥 a 153-hour-long Gilmore Girls marathon is coming.

Gilmore Girls

While we wonder if Lorelai is pregnant and root for whichever fella we think should win Rory鈥檚 heart in the end as we wait for the November 25 launch of the four new 90-minute episodes, a re-watch of the original series is totally in order.

The family-friendly channel UP is coming to the rescue with a 鈥渂inge-a-thon鈥 that begins on Friday, November 18 at 6pm EST and will end on Friday, November 25 at 3am EST. If that time seems a little strange, have no doubt that there鈥檚 a reason behind it. That happens to be the exact time that Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will hit Netflix. Savvy programming, indeed.

Gilmore Girls

Granted, you could always pace your re-watch by simply beginning the original seven seasons on Netflix now, but then you wouldn鈥檛 be able to proudly claim that you survived a 153-hour-long 鈥渂inge-a-thon鈥 of Gilmore Girls. Surely a shining moment for any hardcore fan.

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(h/t EW; photos via Gilmore Girls)