Hawaii has so much to offer. Dreamy beaches, deep jungles, a rich culture and a vibrant population (for instance, the super savvy Miss Hawaii). Whether you’re there for a well-deserved vacay or because you want to take ‘em up on the offer to score $50K just for moving over to the island, if you’re willing to step off the beaten track for a truly epic adventure, you’ll definitely want to know about this super secret, hidden Hawaiian waterslide that’ll give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Located on the Big Island, you need to take the “White Road Hike” to find your way to this treasure. The trek to reach this location is *technically* off-limits, but once you make it through you’ll find yourself among the clouds — that is, if you manage to navigate the jungle without the help of a map, travel through a quarter mile of darkened tunnels, and avoid the plunging cliffs on the way there.

Once you find yourself there, you’ll suddenly see a waterfall popping out of the middle of the jungle. Climb another steep 35 feet using only an old, slimy rope, and you’ve arrived at one of the most incredible secret spots on the island.

If you triumph and make it to the top, get ready for the ride of your life. Why? Because this is the only place we know of where you can ride down a slide attached to the side of a lush jungle mountain.

It wasn’t originally intended to be for fun; its original use was actually a flume, which is part of a complex irrigation system. Take a peek below and see what it’s like to take a ride down this secret Hawaiian jungle waterslide.

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(h/t Elite Daily)