My, oh, my do we love our rosé. Rosé in a can, rosé-flavored gummy bears, frozen rosé drinks and even “rosé all day” themed gifts are all ways we like to show our true rosé adoration. Basically, if you say “rosé,” our ears will perk and our eyes will widen with excited glee. Add in the word “chocolate,” and it’s a delicious decadent overload. So prepare yourself for rosé chocolate. Yes, it exists, and the world already feels like it’s a better place because of it.

Compartés ROSES & ROSÉ Chocolate Bar

The Compartés ROSES & ROSÉ Chocolate Bar is a dream come true for the pink drink lovers out there. Handmade in LA with French rosé and Compartés signature white chocolate (gluten-free, FYI), it’s also “decked out” with edible crystalized rose petals. OMG YUM!

It’s proudly proclaimed as “the hottest product of the summer,” and we really don’t doubt that at all. With rosé being the trendiest drink of the moment, adding it to ever-popular chocolate is just sheer brilliance.

Compartés ROSES & ROSÉ Chocolate Bar

Available via their website for $10 per perfectly pretty pink bar, the treat breaks off into tiny triangles which are ideal for nibbling on this must-try yummy sensation.

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(h/t Nylon; photos via Compartes)